What is your full personal potential?

To give loving relationships requires you to discover your full personal potential. Why?

Because otherwise you’ll miss out on most of the fun of living and loving together and so will those that you love.

But how can you discover your full personal potential?

By building yourself a path out of all the rocks you’ve been stumbling over. A nice smooth walkway that you could walk in the dark if you had to.

How? Motivation. Find the magic of the world inside your mind. There you can make your hands into baseball gloves big enough to catch the greatest people that you love, if they happen to be in need of a good catcher. There in your mind you can make yourself into a giant steam shovel to dump off all the garbage and all the stones people have been throwing at you for a lifetime. There, in your uniquely connected to the universe mind is where you can make all the good that is possible begin.

There is so much good, that you can’t even begin to conceive of the great probabilities that it is just waiting to be free to bestow on you.

You won’t understand it, but it will happen because you will have done something that changes the balance that operates in your life, so that it tips in your favor.

Motivation. If you care enough to love someone, even if that someone is yourself, you are well equipped with motivation.

So what next? Loosening up. Losing your attitudes and instead of voicing an opinion…listening.

Even if you’re listening to someone holding forth what you consider a wickedly stupid opinion, learn to let it ride. Unless of course it is a matter that allows something mean to come to pass by your inaction. But you already knew that.

Listening with at least one ear to people in the everyday will be hard at first, without reacting by giving your own opinion… especially when the latest comes up on certain politicians and particularly peculiar relatives that would leave Einstein himself questioning his own theories of relativity, whilst sneezing out a snootful of chalkdust after having to erase his postulates with his coatsleeve for the umpteenth time.

But once you start listening instead of opinionating you’ll notice a magical feeling comes over you..

First you start to see that it was getting too important and crowding out the more immediate things about the people you’re with and the place you are.

Then you start feeling yourself lightening up.. smiling more easily, finding things people do and say when interacting, to be pretty funny a lot of the time.

But funny in a different way than before.. a kind way that relates more to the fallibility of us all as quirky relatives, that realizes that we are all at different places on the round and winding stairway that leads upward to understanding ourselves.

Remember, before it was a mean, hard humor, from being treated hard and mean.But that was dark, callous.

Nothing that you want to pass on to the innocents, the children; they should have a better world, a kinder world and you have the power to help make that happen for them with your willingness to change.

As a gift from your life, given with all you have; all your great heart. A blessing that you created, that others could create if they thought as much about it as you do and had the motivation of the kind of love that gives you the strength to see it through.

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