Some online ways and means with which you can improve your life.

With each step you take, you can improve your life, bring yourself closer to living your full potential as a whole individual, giving your best and achieving a life of success and pleasure.

Unfortunately, not all of our childhood fantasies come true; you can’t become a superman flying faster than a speeding bullet, or Wonder Woman who can make people tell the truth with her magic lasso but you can become a super you! And the abilities that are dormant , unrecognized by you are much more needed in this world than either of those characters super abilities.

There’s no one with your exact mix of experience and talents anywhere on the face of the earth.

Each of us shares that uniqueness.. yet boiling up out of a subway exit on a hot July Day in New York, or caught in a eight lane traffic jam that is miles long outside any major city these days, is not conducive to that kind of thinking. We end up feeling as replaceable as a lost button. That creates job insecurity and fear at home about finances and the sincerity of the affection we receive. Not pleasant.But what can you do to change your situation? You can get an edge.If you are not comfortable speaking the native language,you can take classes in the language of the country that you reside in, until you can converse easily, and understand those who are competing for quality jobs.You can go back and take the courses that will allow you to get your High School Diploma, or to finish your degree or technical school certification. You can Decide What’s Most Important as Your Goal and start organizing all your resources toward achieving that goal. There is nothing sadder than a Could have Been that never was. When you mull over goals in your mind ,though, the game of goal achievement won’t work unless you’re honest with yourself, in every way.For instance, if you loathe living in Chicago or Cleveland like nothing else, and groan inside to think of spending another day there, then you’ve got to be straight about why you feel you have to continue living there. Make a list of the reasons you stick out whatever situation is so much like a living nightmare to wake up into every day.It’s far from a rarityto be living in that kind of situation. In a lot of cases its downright heroic, in some cases it’s bitter obligation.

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