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34 of 54 reviews surveyed named Yahoo!Personals as one of the very best.

Yahoo!Personals is versatile enough to serve you, whether you’re a single seeking friendship, casual dating, or quality matchmaking for a long-term relationship.

Quick Profile

Date begun: 1999
Base: Sunnyvale, California, U.S.A
Membership: Requested,but not available at press time.
For: All singles over 18, with preferences for straight or same sex relationships are welcomed.
Seeking: Casual dating, matchmaking, and long term relationships
Reach: Global

…and one is for Spanish speaking people.

Yahoo!Personals also has sites specifically designed for a variety of cultures and countries around the world.

The Plans and Their Prices

There are three plans available for different budgets.
The first plan is no charge.

Their Free Plan

Free Plan Members can:

  • Take the easy 10 minute ‘Relationship’ test
  • Create a profile
  • Take their ‘Personality and Love Style’ Test
  • Search with the keyword tool
  • Post video and voice greetings
  • Flirt with Yahoo!Personals free ‘Icebreaker’ messages.

    Yahoo!Personals also offers two service upgrade subscription plans.

    Their Standard Dating Plan

    The Yahoo!Personals Standard Dating Plan is for casual dating, and is priced currently at:
    $24.95/month when purchased with their *7 day free trial.
    Very substantial savings can be realized by choosing either their quarterly rate:
    $49.95/3 mo.
    Or their biannual rate:
    $74.95/6 mo.

    Standard Plan Members can also:

  • Use Instant Messaging to chat
  • Use Email

    Their Premier Plan

    The Yahoo!Personals ‘Premier’ Plan is for serious or long term relationships; and is currently priced at:
    $39.95/monthly when purchased with their *7 day free trial.
    Again, very substantial savings can be realized by choosing either their quarterly rate:
    $84.95/3 mo.
    or their biannual rate:
    $124.95/6 mo.

    With the Premier Plan Membership, you get the whole enchilada, plus you can;

  • Access the Premier Relationship Fit test.
  • Access The Relationship Fit rating
  • Utilize The Premier Member search option
  • Utilize The Smart Fit Optimizer match improving tool.
    *If you choose one of their paid plans that offers a free 7 day try out period, please be aware that unless you cancel prior to the end of that trial period, billing to your credit card or account is automatic, because your subscription is auto renewed thereafter, each month.

    Special Features

    With Yahoo!Personals you have these major search options:

  • Quick Search: By gender, age,and location.
  • Advanced Search: Add as many specific search criteria as you like, including your preferences for physical appearance, kind of social activity, education, profession, interests, personality type, ethnicity, income level, language, religion, political views, astrological sign… and even sense of humor!
  • Preferred Personality Type: They provide a list of common personality archetypes to choose from; such as Rebel,Explorer,Creator,Protector,etc.
  • Love Styles: Choose from Spontaneous, Sensible, Passionate, and more.
  • ‘Must Haves’: You can choose a number of things that are absolutely ‘must haves’ to you from categories ranging from their religion and ethnicity, marital status, education and profession, all the way to the kind of political views,TV watching, drinking and smoking habits and your search results will contain only those.
  • Handle[Online Name]: See someone you like in your browsing and find them again this way.Or just let their exclusive SmartFit System do all of the work for you.
    It combines all of your relationship test data and specifics for the very best matchmaking.

    Search results can be sorted by relevance.
    If you like a particular photo profile that comes up on your results page, you can send the search engine out to look for similar ones for you to view.
    Save up to ten searches based on any of the dozens of search criteria you choose.
    You can also sort your results by how recently and often they have been on the site. This is especially exciting because it provides a way to screen out the outdated, inactive profiles that create false expectations.

    Your Mailbox

    Your matches will come to your Personals email address.The mailbox is exclusively for your Yahoo!Personals mail. None of your contacts use your own email address without your permission; mail goes to and from Yahoo! Personals’ own mailboxes. This protects your privacy.

    You can also block your email and instant messaging from receiving unwanted messages from other users.
    Your mailbox shows all communication with another Personals client on one single page.

  • Cut and paste from past messages to reuse them.
  • Utilize a series of simple prewritten replies to save time.
  • Flag the people you are interested in.
  • Sort your mailbox by date, message type, flag or most recent.
  • Of Special Interest

    Yahoo!Personals also has an informative magazine called About Dating and Relationships that has an Ask Desiree search option for dating pointers and flirting advice, as well as a column on photo profile pointers, and articles such as; Singles: Life and Times and Single Mothers: Advice and Strategies.

    A well written feature called Personals: User’s Guide contains invaluable facts and advice, including an excellent article by ‘About’s’ Dating Editor; Jeff Cohen, that addresses the importance of placing photos with your profile for greater ad success.

    Newest features

    You can now search the photo profiles with a buddy, chat about your ratings via instant messaging and rate a photo profile together, and both of your ratings will show for comparing. Or you can send a profile that you like to a friend that might be interested.

    All that’s great, but what really impressed us about Yahoo! Personals are some of their more sophisticated search features…
    For Instance, the SmartFit™ option available with their Premier plan.

    Their SmartFit™ System combines all the search data you enter, with your results from their ‘Personality and Love Style’ Test and the answers you give to their psychologist designed ‘Relationship’ Test.

    It then analyzes all of your data to develop almost intuitive ‘deep insights’about you, and about the kinds of people with whom you will have the highest likelihood of compatibility.

    This data is turned into a Relationship Fit rating between you and any other Premier member who’s taken the Relationship test.
    The rating is displayed on the photo profile pages, so you can refer to it easily.

    If you think that it could have brought you better matches, all you have to do is give that feedback to the Fit Optimizer, and the SmartFit™ system will tailor* the matches that are returned a little more closely to your tastes each time.

    *You can also refine your search without having to leave the page!

    In Our Opinion

    We found the Yahoo! site easy to navigate and fun to use.
    Their use of real members faces in their advertising campaigns and the witty photo shoot scrapbook adds a personable, humanizing touch.

    We were very impressed with how ‘out front’ this service is with basic information on plans and pricing.
    There was no requirement to become a member before even being allowed to access basic information. We wish that other services would be as forthcoming about pricing.

    The sheer number and quality of little techie touches that are obviously a result of Yahoo!Personals staff’s responsiveness to member needs is definitely head turning.
    Here’s one; they created a ‘My notes’ feature nicknamed a ‘crib sheet’ just so that people can write scripts down to help themselves get through the nerve racking job of adding their voice to their video profiles without flubbing their lines.
    Here’s another; they’ll send an optional courtesy reply for you when you close off unwanted communication with other users, just to keep things pleasant.

    Great little details… which is what separates the best from the rest.

    The selection of features plus reasonable prices, puts Yahoo! on our ‘A’ list of Dating Personals Services.

    If you’re not too pleased with the photos you have available to post with your profile, you might want to try this popular, easy to use virtual makeover software to make them more professional looking. FaceFilter – Photo Editor It’s really quite a fun program to play with, and you can clean up all your old photos with it, removing red eye and lightening heavy shadows, such as circles under the eyes as well as shaping and smoothing hair and removing skin blemishes and brightening teeth. It removes wrinkles and can make you look slimmer too.

    Just upload a photo and follow the very simple instructions. It can even give your photo a smile if it looks too dull.

    Try it free!

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