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Perfect Valentines Day Gift Suggestions.

Valentines Day Gifts That Will Get There Fast, in all price ranges.You have your choice here about which company to deal with and an assortment of the finest producers we could find that will do fast deliveries, special deliveries and special arrangements.The appropriate traditional list is:


One Dozen long stemmed Fresh Red Budding Roses symbolizing Passion and Love; if for your Lover or Soulmate, or symbolizing Complete, True, Heartfelt Appreciative Love [if for a Mother or other near and dear person who is a relative or like a relative.]

A single, long stemmed, perfect red rose bud can be given instead; which would symbolize a single true,passionate love of deeply loyal intent. This is an extremely romantic gift.

But you can see the wonderful variety of choices, so don’t feel that you have to stick to the traditions of romancing.


The Perfect Rose

One Dozen Roses Boxed

Two Dozen Roses

One Dozen Red Roses + 12 FREE with Ruby Vase

A Dozen Pink Roses

1-800-FLOWERS.COM Valentine’s Day Products

Love & Romance Gifts


Valentine’s flowers & gifts from $19.99 with FREE vase at ProFlowers! Expires 02.14.07

Candy: Preferably the highest quality chocolates you can afford [so that they know you made a special effort and didn’t just pick them up in the check out aisle of some drugstore]in a special Valentine’s box to symbolize the sweetness you want their life to be. If you know their favorite chocolates, but they don’t come in a heart shaped box..a wide satin or velvety ribbon and bow will do fine. Always enclose a note in a small envelope. Keep your words light and spare if you like or passionate and flowery if you are inspired. garcinia cambogia extract 50 hca


Hand-Dipped Strawberries 1/2 Dozen

Sugar Free Hand-Dipped Strawberries 1 Dozen

The Love Tower

Hearts Galore!


The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift

Free box of Godiva & Garnet Pendant on orders over $100 at Diamonds International

Love On The Riviera

Valentine Spa

Valentine’s Say It With Chocolate

Jewelry: This is a traditional time for declarations of long term love commitments, but also for expressions of adoration for puppy love. So whether it’s a heart locket for a young new love or an interlocking hearts pendant, or a bracelet or ring with a heart on it or a red gemstone.. yellow gold jewelry chains, settings and red gemstones and hearts are easy choices, because they tend to look right together.

Try to go for at least 14 KT Gold and avoid anything plated…especially a chain or a ring; they always end up looking like something that is worthless.

Silver tarnishes requiring polishing to keep it from looking like brass, which is something to consider.

Gold symbolizes a true, pure heart; because it used to be said if someone was unusually compassionate and generous toward others in the depth of their understanding and loyalty, that they possessed a ‘heart of gold’; a heart impervious to the tarnish and corruption of lesser things and had the gold of purity that is left after all else is burnt away, as with souls that have ‘been through the fire’ referred to in the Bible.

White gold looks like a common metal. A gift of gold that symbolizes love, should stand out with its own highly uncommon gold light. Higher Karat Gold gets minute scratches easily which make it give back a uniquely magical soft gold glow as it ages.

[Pure gold is way too soft to hold up for the purposes of thin chains and slender jewelry designs, so it is alloyed with a metal which allows it to be fashioned into shapes that can last a lifetime.]

Engagement Rings: There are no reasons to panic.. there are both payment plans and enough competition so you should be able to comparison shop and get a certified diamond, not some nasty little diamond chip, without going broke over it. Quality dealers give you a thirty day return time, so you won’t have to be out of pocket if you have a change of plans or the ring design is simply not working out as one that she can wear comfortably or enjoy looking at every day.


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Collection of Beautiful Engagement Rings

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OK, that covers the gifts basics.. but don’t forget to build things up a bit by taking her out to dinner at an uncrowded place that has candlelight and music.

A place where you might have a spacious booth and can hear each other when you try to talk. Who knows maybe even dance?

Get into it as a new habit.. Though romantic love has an occasion, it shouldn’t be occasional… it’s our life blood; the misty rope that keeps us safely tied to that big old moon.

It’s the dream stuff of us that was breathed straight from heaven into each of us by name and we’ve got to keep that holy bluesy sky moving inside us to keep our sometimes overwhelmed hearts beating.

So try on a new habit,like showing more affection; hey,you’re a rich man; if you’re too stiff necked to get into a new habit, then just pretend its a burial jacket, one that’s split down the back so you can get out of it quick, if its the wrong fit!

And spend some of those pent up needs to love by joining in more.

Try hugging those you care about more and meaning it more when you do, or maybe, when no one’s looking, try sneaking in some dancing moves to those songs that are always right there like an angel in your ear, to help you get into gear so you’ll remember, even if it’s only from some silly old song that gets through to you, that every day is an occasion for romantic love… and that it is occurring with deep drama somewhere on the earth you shuffle your shoe leather on, every heartbeat of a ticking second.

With first hugs of welcome to vulnerable, clueless, shaky, frightened little newcomers..

And with last hugs that can’t know how to ever never not do so again and must let go slowly last with the sensitive finger tip pad pressed to finger tip pad against the whorls of fingerprint ripples… so unlike that famous painting that shows an aged maker’s hand pulling away; his body no longer earthbound, having given life through his fingers’ touch to a man who would not or could not yet find the sense or strength to stand and reach out with all he had for one last hug.

Perhaps it takes more wisdom than I want, to understand that machinelike emotional disconnect.

Maybe it means he only had been given dumb life; no thoughts had yet formed, he had no comprehension..of what the letting go meant. Just dumb life..and no way to even know what to learn, but by having to react to his own needs asserting themselves.

Overcoming his indifference?

That part of the deal would be in earth’s hands. And we have been taught with everything she could throw at us, as well as what we have done to ourselves, that romantic love is our true sustenance everyday; it gives us the joy to endure and the compassion to do whatever we can to improve conditions.

It allows us the ability to fight the good fight; against the darkness that would wipe us off the planet using our own fears, our own doubts, our own ignorance against us. Joy is our strength.

Have a very loving Valentine’s Day, no matter how many miles lay between you and the ones you love. With Warmest Thoughts, Lyn

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