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Are you ready for a tropical vacation to revive your spirit?

You don’t need another round of the flu. Take a tropical vacation to build up your immunity; get some sunshine, vitamin D.

Imagine. You could be only a day away from digging your toes down into that warm white, sugary sand and taking a light breath of the deeply fragrant breeze, as you watch a windsurfer’s brightly colored sail glide off into the turquoise distance.

The water’s shallow and clear in the lagoon; you can see all the way to the pale sandy bottom. You might go snorkeling again today…later. It felt good to hang weightless in the slight coolness with the soothing warmth of the sun caressing your back, yesterday.

Take some time off to rejuvenate yourself, get yourself out of the gray frozen slush and depressing lifelessness and colorlessness, where everyone is crammed together indoors most of the time.

No wonder there’s so much sickness in the winter, having to live like that, right in each others’ faces.

Cramped elevators, overcrowded subways, waiting in lines for coffee, or at the deli, carpooling, buses. No personal space.

Sure, Winter’s fun for a while, but the holidays are over and it is just drab and you ache to not have to wake up and get out of your warm bed when that alarm goes off.

You’d rather be someplace else.

So you have your vitamin c, and your remedies; take a sauna, swim a few laps at the ‘Y’, take a tour of a greenhouse, and wait it out… as usual, or you could check out the alternatives…

Perhaps a place you’ve dreamed about, read about.

How much free time have you got built up that you could put to good use right now?

How long has it been since you really took some time off to do something romantic with your special someone or to party it up with other singles? Or to socialize at all?

Maybe, though, just having some time to yourself, completely quiet, without anyone on your case is the prescription that would fit the bill.To go someplace no one knows you. Where you can be a new person.Free of wrath and reproach, misinformed gossip, blame, obligation or ignorant opinion.

How much business really ties you to where you are geographically, that you can’t handle by computer?

Or would your business skills convert into your own enterprise where you can cut the overhead, and be your own boss; make your own rules? Lots of people sick of the old rigidly scheduled and structured style of business life are doing just that.

I’m putting together a page for those of you who need to make an income source change, that will help you find what you need for resources, pretty much all in one place. So check back if you are interested in making such a transition.

Whether you’re interested in the tropics as a mini vacation or as a major one; there’s information here that you can utilize, to save money and time. Perhaps splitting your year up into having two separate homes or doing a seasonal rental of your own home to allay the costs of living in a rental where the weather is more conducive to living your idea of a normal life. There are resources online that I’ve been checking out that you may find useful. The first thing of importance is to figure out where you’d like to go.Seeing what’s the best deal at a travel agency can be helpful, unless you have your mind made up already about where you want to go.

First, the Hawaiian Islands: Aloha Airlines is running aspecial to celebrate their 60th year of service, you can get a free flight on your birthday. Can’t beat that.Here’s their link. Say Aloha to Great Fares to Hawaii!

Travelocity is definitely worth checking out: Here’s their Hawaii page.Visit Travelocity for Hawaii is a good one: Search Here for Best Hotel Deals!

Hawaii Travel Deals

Hawaii Vacations

Hawaiian Airlines: Special Offers

Honolulu Hotels

Caribbean Travel

Visit Travelocity for Caribbean Deals


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