The digital camera revolution is giving all of us a chance to get that perfect shot.

How the change from film to electronic digital image information storage has effected the quality and versatility of photographic art.


That sounds like quite a complex question doesn’t it?

But I’d say, as a simple amateur photography buff that the answer is also simple.

The quality has improved dramatically. Without reservation. The versatility for performing any kind of editing either for film or still photography under just about any conditions is like comparing man’s first attempts to fly to the Mars missions.

These truly are exciting times for the home photographer.

Why is it such a big deal?It’s a big deal because it is no longer the prohibitive cost of equipment and recognition through making the right social connections that separate the successful filmmaker or photographer from the common ‘wanna be’, it is simply mastery of the art through devoted study and disciplined practice, plus having the talent,inspiration and the guts to follow through with a winning idea.

Quite a leveling of the playing field.

Thanks also to the open atmosphere of the internet, publishing to get your stuff seen is a piece of cake for just about anyone.

The first generation digital products; both cameras and camcorder types were not stunners. Not if you cared about things like fast auto advance, true color representation, and high responsiveness to balance in light sources.

The first gen’s color range was groggy, its light responsiveness a balancing act that would drive the most patient still life artist to tears.

And a close up shot would be as out of focus as an old Brownie®. But welcome to heaven. How far they have come. The pixel count is admirable; the focusing ability just this side of unbelievable for close range shots, especially, and the recovery speed to advance is a cat’s smile. I truly would never have imagined that us common folk would have access to such purely enjoyable technology in my lifetime.

I mean really priced cheap enough for a lot of us to buy without sweating it. But it’s here and showing off too. It can afford to.One camera even has a special setting for Ebayers and another for designers of cookbooks, to get perfectly color and shadow balanced close ups.

How’s that for responsiveness to consumer needs? As every long time Ebayer knows, cameras were a very serious point of discussion and continually worrisome. Especially since good shots versus bad shots could make or break an Ebay venture in a highly competitive area, and quality cameras reliable for close up shots on high ticket items were an expensive investment, for someone just starting out. Now as far as comparing with motor driven advance of the past we can pull stills out of a video mode at any point. So the concerns for being a bit spazsy [like me] when it comes to catching that perfect emotion, or sports moment, or whatever are over. Whenever I think of all the great shots I missed it breaks my heart.

Now, I am definitely no expert, but here’s a handy thing to look for. A high pixel count.

It will make the camera a little pricier, but when you look at the gains, for you, you may consider it well worth the extra. You can enlarge your photos and they will still look sharp; you won’t get that old newspaperphoto look, so they will be professional enough to be quite suitable for framing. We have incredibly beautiful and sensitively wrought photos of our family and friends throughout our house and it creates such a welcoming, loving atmosphere; no stranger’s art but my daughter’s own.It also makes each person feel special ; to see their endearing qualities through someone else’s eyes; someone who knows them well and loves them for the aspects of their personalities that they are so familiar with. Another great thing about digital camera images is that you can send them on a whim to family and friends that must endure thousands of miles of separation from those they love. Using the simple photo editing programs that you can buy or if you happen to be an Ebay seller are free to use for your upload product photos, you can remove skin blemishes lighten, darken or tone and crop photos and some programs offer much more… including animation and speech. One feature on your digital camera that can be a problem is that the camera designers are concentrating so much on presenting a compact package, that it is common to see red eye in portraits, which is caused by having the light source; if it’s a flash lit photo, being too close to the lens. So unless you have to have a super small camera, it pays off to do a little extra searching to find a camera that has a professional quality spacing or angling between the lens and flash. The distance between the light sensor and the flash should also be of professional usability. With older digitals, the design was so poor that you had to cover the flash with electrical tape, to prevent getting a useless photo in many close up still lifes such as you would do for Ebay auction items.

It is also worth having the extra battery bulk and weight to have a battery package that carries a longer charge, because it’s often hard to know when you’ll want to take the time for a recharge, and certain functions use more juice. An extra battery pack, to keep charged and at the ready, is a smart investment.

Also I would suggest you look for a camera that has a good size screen display so that you don’t have to squint at it to view details, and a display that can be angled every which way,[ to keep it from inadvertently being broken off.]

Also, it shouldn’t be frustrating to understand the instruction symbols and to find on board screen display procedure manuals that walk you through each process when you need a little refresher course.

Those are basics that any user friendly consumer responsive camera company should have, and that you should expect to find on a quality camera / camcorder of moderate price.

That’s as far as I can take you with my limited knowledge.

For expert help and top quality choices, these are some sources you might want to check out. Their reputations are world renowned so I feel comfortable about recommending them to you, if you want to do product feature and price comparisons, as well as get experienced expert advice on the kind of camera setup that would work best for a particular project you have in mind.

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