Through Single Parents Dating Sites, you could find a new friend or someone you’d like to date that lives near you.

Or if you’re too busy for a real live social life, if you join Single Parents Dating Sites you can correspond live with audio and video [web cam], by instant messenger or just by email with someone who may live halfway around the world.

Life gets disrupted socially when you are left alone with your children. Whether you have always had the child by yourself, or are separated, divorced or widowed.

Sometimes friends that are couples you were close to when married, that you thought would be there forever just disappear, lose touch…or single friends without children slip off because you have a child and they live differently than you.

You have new more serious responsibilities, and that also changes your attitude from what they may have been used to, though you still long to get out and have a good time.

With the added responsibility of caring for a child, you need a break just to lighten up more than ever. Fortunately there’s a great way that can help you through a potentially isolating time.

Because although raising your children alone, can leave you out of the normal socializing and partying, there are a whole lot of other single parents out there in the same situation.

People who have also ‘been through the fire’ so to speak, so they will be more likely to possess the depth of character you may have been looking for in a friend or partner.

So the obvious solution is to socialize with other single parents… but how can you find out who else is a single parent in your area, or anywhere else in the world?

It’s not as if they advertise the fact that they are single parents.. at least in most urban or suburban areas… and if you’ve got to work longer hours, because you are trying to compensate for the usual lack of child support or the missing ex’s income, or if you have only low paying jobs to choose from, because you never had a chance at finishing high school, technical degree,or your college degree program, it’s even tougher to find the time to find these other single parents.

*** By the way, I’m trying to put together a page of free contacts that can help you get what you need for education.I hope to include grant and scholarship info with it. As soon as it’s finished, look for it listed on the navbar, and the blog will carry it, too.

Another common thing that may keep you isolated is an emotionally challenged child who was negatively impacted by abuse by the parent who is now out of the picture, or by a parent’s illness, death, traumatic arguments, physical fights between parents, a divorce, or by never having known one parent, or if you are extremely unlucky, by the oblivious, negative votes of confidence in you as a parent that are expressed by your own family, people who are not interested in respecting your attempts to keep your little family together.

Your child or children can end up hating you deeply for being the cause of their other parent’s loss through separation or divorce, and if the parent passed away,though irrational as it seems, end up resenting you for not dying instead of the other parent.

A child acting out their emotional instability can consume every waking hour that you are not working.. that is if they are able to be away from you long enough for you to keep a job.

It can make you feel as if you are carrying a burden that no one would care enough about you to share.

Without a supportive family attitude, and without friends that understand and can be counted on to be there for you in your effort to keep your family together, the future can seem too uncertain to think about.

Counseling, when children are frozen in an angry mindset can be pretty useless.

It takes a dedicated, intuitive psychologist to break through the wall of blame, or refusal to communicate.

Given time that say, a moderately well off single parent might have; time to share enough family interaction; to learn to live and function as a family unit, a lot of the persistent, psychological reactions to their terrible pain would have a chance to change.

If everyone has long enough to mature through the adaptation process to find each other again and reach out and reestablish the precious family bonds.

Inadequate income has a horrific impact on a single parent household.

But as time moves on, economic programs and educational opportunities will open up, because so many people who had been unsympathetic, will have suddenly found their own lives personally affected by a complex single parent situation,and as their understanding grows, it will cause politically influential people to respond to the pressure from their newly enlightened constituents and begin putting their stamps of approval on spending programs for the disadvantaged parents that are trying to hold on to their children.


But usually that happens too late and aims at an economic bracket over the heads of the people in direst economic distress.. those folks get what’s left over which isn’t much.

It’s unthinkable that children end up in foster care because the parent lacks the money to support their own children, and provide adequate professional intervention when its need becomes critical, while the state system pays the ‘foster’ parent; a total stranger, for all the children’s expenses, including complete medical.

Yet, when a parent that is single becomes disabled, and the child becomes a ‘behavior problem’, because of unresolved grief and trauma issues that the single parent can not afford to pay anyone to assist with, The State’s brilliant solution is to remove the child from the home; [imposing further trauma] and pay the care costs they could have given to the parent, to complete strangers; foster ‘parents’.

Life can be high pressure for single parents that have no faithful family or friends to help see them through, by bartering help; exchanging favors for child care, etc.

Now, marginally surviving parents can receive assistance from the state and federal government, but the time that a single parent is allowed to be a full time parent reaches nowhere near the mental or physical age that a child actually needs Mom or Dad at home available for their emotional security; in no way can they be considered mature enough or stable enough.

And it is well known that children from broken homes more often than not suffer emotional trauma that sets back their learning ability, and can cause their motivation and self confidence to fall well below the norm.

So the added pain of the separation anxiety and reaction of the child’s resentment to the parent that is struggling to hold everything together become a social issue that involves a lot of finger pointing and humiliation of the parent as labeled inadequate, incapable, etc.

While no interventions are offered but Juvenile Hall, and foster care.

Rhetorically asked if the parent wishes the child to give up the child to foster care; what realistic alternative, to save the child’s life can the parent look to?

So heartbroken and looked upon with derision, that parent must acquiesce and say; “Yes.”

The child reads this as desertion.

Times and state and federal grant monies for programs are changing, but slowly, while generations suffer.

Community groups familiar with the problems in their districts should initiate programs that give the needed assistance rather then wait for changes to trickle down from above.

Meanwhile though, we have a new way of breaking the desocializing barrier, for both the full time parent and the working parent, in this era.

We have independent relationship services springing up. Relationship services that specialize in finding matches for singles that have children; and we have a choice with most of the services to just seek a friend, meet face to face, or maintain your privacy by only sharing daily trivia, via email or web cam and real time voice, or to date casually, or search out a good solid relationship.

This relatively new concept of Single Parents Dating Sites provides a wonderful means of opening up communication about changing things for the better, and sharing information that is of help to other single parents that are struggling.

But, having lived what I’m writing about, I would recommend shopping for a good private counselor to help you withstand the strains that go beyond tolerance.

Just having someone to talk to can keep your attitude from turning bitter and your self esteem in a good place. It is healthier for you and for your children that react intuitively to those emotions you think you are keeping well hidden from them, way too much of the time. Why?

Because to them you are both the stabilizer and bringer of traumatic change into their lives and they have no fall back position; no control, no safety net.

Your emotions are read like a seismograph; and they’re waiting for the next big shakeup.

So, we need funding for in home helpers for single parents; disabled and or working.

We need it to be recognized that a child under the age of legal adulthood, if by law, is still a dependent of the parent and the parent is still responsible for the children’s welfare, that the parent must then be allowed without interruption; to be continually available for the child’s supervision and daily needs assistance.

No parent of an under aged child should be disallowed from their primary duty to their child, by demands by any State that the parent work outside the home.

Counseling and other related psychiatric and health services should be made available at near zero cost for children and parents that are at the real poverty line, [not the ludicrous lowered one falsified by the government.]

Please keep these items in mind, if you are in a position to be heard through voting, or in talks with people of influence, then you can say that you have truly helped the country advance socially and economically by removing the reason for the growing population of indigent, disturbed, and homeless and you will really have helped to preserve the American family; which on one end of the economic spectrum is an endangered species.

Join some Single Parents Dating Sites..for fun and for mutual support.

Sure, as with every social grouping, you’ll find people that you might readily consider losers going through difficult and awkward changes, but don’t write off the idea because of a number of unworkable encounters, there are also winners out there patiently searching, just like you. Just make sure you have a positive winning attitude when they find you, not a cynical one…or they may be the ones writing you off as the loser.

All the Best, keep your families strong with caring; and warm as toast with your love.


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