PlentyofFish offers free instant messaging and free emails.

PlentyofFish is a 100% free dating service. This is the largest dating service in Canada, and the third largest in the United States.

This is a clean site; which we define as one in which you should find no graphic sexually explicit imagery. Use of obscene words, or offensive language in the forums is not allowed.

Quick Profile

Begun: 2001
Base: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Membership: More than 2 million
For: Singles of all ages over 18, straight and with same sex preferences.
Seeking: Casual Dating, Long Term Relationships, and Matchmaking
Reach: Global

Their Membership Plan

Members can:

  • Post their profile
  • Post up to 8 photos
  • Make any type of search
  • Find matches
  • Instant Message
  • Email
  • Access chat rooms
  • Participate in forums

  • Special Features

    Search Options

    Basic Search: Just enter your zip code, the gender you’re seeking and age desired, to receive immediate results.

    User Search: By user name.

    Advanced Search: By characteristics: physical appearance, personal habits, education, marital status, religion, and interests.

    In Our Opinion

    This is personals and matchmaking service offers a lot of avenues for interaction within its community.
    It is safety conscious about its membership, and offers solid advice on how to interact safely.
    **News** PlentyofFish has just added a new ‘vouch for your fellow member’ feature that will help you know that the person you are communicating with is authentic.[If you know someone personally, then you can let others know by validating that member.] With its free messaging and other features,and its enormous membership base, it is probably the best deal on the web, for its rate picture feature [and yummy selections], matchmaking and dating service.
    PlentyofFish for its high standards and great free features earns a place on our ‘A’ list of ‘Highly Recommends’, for being plenty of fun.

    Free online dating service featuring photo personals, chat, messaging, ratings, advice, etc.

    If you’re not too happy with the photos you have available to post with your profile, you might want to try this popular, easy to use virtual makeover software to make them more professional looking. FaceFilter – Photo Editor It’s really quite a fun program to play with, and you can clean up all your old photos with it, removing red eye and lightening heavy shadows, such as circles under the eyes as well as shaping and smoothing hair and removing skin blemishes and brightening teeth. It removes wrinkles and can make you look slimmer too.

    Just upload a photo and follow the very simple instructions. It can even give your photo a smile if it looks too somber.

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