Plastic surgery is a valuable tool to help normalize our lives.

Concerning Your Health; Article #1, Part #1

Part 1 Plastic Surgery

As I’ve been sitting here looking at this list of cosmetic surgical resource links that I’ve been researching on the web, I think about the significance of how differently we relate to having these options today.
About how much more realistic and accepting of our own individual will to achieve personal perfection we are now, against the poreless backdrop of the cinematic ideal, than we were even 5 years ago.

The full body slams of ‘narcissism’ and ‘self indulgence’ have lost their audience, as people of both sexes, and all persuasions realize the personal value and the sobering side of this long maligned surgical specialty.

People who have endured a lifetime of unwanted attention drawn to them by uncorrected birth defects are more aware of the unquestionable worthiness of plastic surgery’s right to be considered as an equal to any other kind of surgical speciality.

Plastic surgeons help save the lives of burn victims. They make life more livable and productive for people. Especially for those of us who have undergone body image trauma as a result of radical surgeries to remove infectious or otherwise damaged tissue and bone.

Reconstructive plastic surgery rebuilds lives. And it has altered the probable downward course of life for many young children with disfiguring physical defects. Such as a cleft lip, birthmarks which discolor large areas of their facial skin, or later loss of facial features from massive burns and scarring from accidents.

Defects that would not simply otherwise have continued to be a cause of social isolation for them; and that isolation’s resultant emotional damage. But life threatening defects like having a hole in the roof of the mouth that can cause a baby to choke, because what he tries to drink or eat enters his respiratory passage.This problem is called cleft palate, and too often this inherited abnormality occurs when a child is born with a cleft lip.

But, plastic surgery is advancing far beyond earlier more primitive skin grafting, and removal of birthmarks. Now, work is being done to recreate actual body parts such as ears and noses grown from living tissue over a framework of cartilage or a cartilage-like substance. The future of this experimentation looks promising.

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