Perfect Match specializes in high quality compatiblity testing.

Perfect Match is the fastest growing dating and long term relationship service. Based in the U.S.A., has over 3 million members to choose from.

Begun by the team that built and brought up to 7 million members, which led to its sale to IAC;

Quick Profile

Begun: 2003
Base: U.S.A.
Membership: 3 Million
For: Singles; both heterosexual and same sex preference.
Seeking: High Quality Compatibility Testing, Matchmaking, Long Term Relationships.
Reach: Global

The Plans and Their Prices

Their Basic Membership Plan

Basic plan users can:

  • Create a comprehensive Profile, which can feature up to 8 photos
  • Access the Duet Total Compatibility System, which was co-developed by Dr. Schwartz [a $50.00 value].
  • Access Dr. Schwartz’s relationship column and advice.
  • Take Love and Relationship Quizzes presented by Lifetime Television.
  • Read success stories, profile tips and safety tips from Dr. Schwartz.
  • Utilize Perfect Match’s Level 1 Icebreakers [ questions that are great conversation starters. ]
  • Choose ‘DealBreakers’: the things that you must have and won’t have in the characteristics of the individual you choose.
  • Receive the Lifetimes Connection monthly newsletter with features that include sweepstakes and dating tips.
  • Their Premium Membership Plan

    Their Premium Subscribers can:

  • Receive unlimited email via
  • Guaranteed Perfect Matches; given by the Duet Total Compatibility System.
  • Search as often as you wish; “in addition to receiving your perfect matches, you can search independently for your Perfect Match!”
  • Receive unlimited Icebreakers to choose from of both levels.
  • Receive unlimited access to content and photos of member profiles.
  • Create Personal “10 point” profile which is reviewed by the Perfectmatch team.
  • Receive exclusive access to Dr. Schwartz’s “Ask Pepper” feature.
  • It is currently priced at: $59.95 per month. Substantial savings can be realized by choosing a longer term plan.. [and that gives you more of a chance of finding your sweetie^^:*]

  • $64.95/2 mo.
  • $99.95/3 mo.
  • $159.95/6 mo.
  • $249.95/12 mo.
  • Special Features

    With Perfect Match you have 4 major search options:

  • ‘Quick Search’;
    By gender, age, location by zip code and optionally by photo.
  • ‘Custom Search’
    You design the search criteria yourself
  • ! This can include an enormous range of characteristics from ‘Essentials’ which has a menu that includes physical attributes, relationship status, and languages. Followed by a ‘Values and Ideals’ category which includes occupation, politics, religion and education, ‘Life and Lovestyle’ which covers living habits, and day to day preferences. Then ‘Positive Traits’ which cover the personality aspects.

  • ‘Keyword Search’
    Homes in on things about the person you are searching for that have particular importance to you, and that even a comprehensive search might miss, like a love for Swing Music, horses or a great love for rose gardening.
  • Keyword search is also a great time and effort saver, when there’s one vital thing that you would rather not have to do without in a partner. All you have to do is spell it into the search box and send it on its way, and what it will accomplish will amaze you.

  • ‘Compatibility Search’
    This one is pretty self explanatory.. but Perfectmatch takes it to a place you have to experience to believe.
  • Of Special Interest

    Lifetime Television joins Perfect Match to create a holistic experience that you will feel is nourishing to your mind, body, and spirit, by bridging the gap between your personal search and the larger human community of good people.
    Folks like you that are searching and finding ways to help others and ‘pay it forward’ in faith.
    Their magazine is a graceful expression of thoughtful education at its best. Kick back with an issue and you’ll see what I mean.Bet you learn something new, and enjoy yourself while you’re doing it!

    In Our Opinion

    This is a Gotta Do. It’s free!.. it will make you feel like a complete human.. if you’ve been feeling like your consciousness has been just surviving for a long time…[This is terrible grammar, but just bear with me a sec]… Going through their Duet System will be sort of like feeling like you are totally inhabiting the full breadth and width of your being.. or at least making a start on getting reacquainted with it. What we found was.. and this is very important to those of you that are feeling vulnerable right now, that there’s nothing that will hurt your vulnerable places emotionally.. there’s no chance of an assessment that you’ll obsess over… no fuel for the overly self critical.
    You’ll enjoy yourself, we believe, and will be pleasantly surprised by the musing nature of the analysis results. You will be surprised even more to find out how fully dimensional this glimpse of your true ‘spirit-self is!’ Our views tend to be more two dimensional in our daily interactions; reflecting mirror flatness of opinion that becomes the inhibiting shell of our self awareness, over time.

    We give Perfect Match 5 stars for a class act… and a ‘Highly Recommend..!!’as a very worthwhile life experience to tuck under your belt.
    Enabling. Assisting recovery from bad juju. Healing. Empowering.

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