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Outdoor outfitters has everything from mountain survival to skindiving equipment.

All you could possibly need from dependable outdoor outfitters specialists. You need to plan carefully if you are headed into an unfamiliar location. Aside from the necessary gear for climate protection, it’s important to plan for protection from local wildlife and understand the types of plants you will be exposed to.

Even a canoe trip involving portaging in your own state can turn into an extremely unpleasant misadventure without water proof current maps, awareness of the changes in the water table and bug repellant that is the best money can buy.

People do strange things.. for instance on a pleasantly warm sunny day a group of friends set out for a leisurely hike up a montain. Everyone is dressed for comfort during the hike with loose shorts and tee shirts with an overshirt tied around their waists in case it cools off as the day wears on. They carry day packs with sleeping bags and lightweight tents. flashlights and along with some trail mix some freeze dried meals for a couple of hot meals. They have a compass, a map, and the means of lighting a mountain campstove, plus some water and water purification tablets.

They start out early in order to take advantage of the most light, because the days start late and end early in mountain country. As they head uphill they work up a sweat and get a pleasant workout. The day is cooling a bit, so that makes their upward progress fast and they really make great time. When they stop for a quick rest they notice a pleasant breeze picking up, which is energizing. One of the group remarks that the climbing weather couldn’t be more perfect, and the others agree. As they move along and the way steepens they start traversing rather than heading straight up toward the face of the summit. That way it takes less energy and they have no plans for doing anymore than stay with mildly challenging but still walkable slopes that only require hand holds here and there for balancing. The wind has begun to pick up more, but since they are facing at right angles to the mountain they expect this sweep of wind to become more steady. As they pick their way upwards, they start to notice bits of old frost or snow on the upwind sides of rocks, and the undergrowth appears less springy; darker and more lifeless. They look for a place in the tumbled granite slabs to get away from the wind, to catch their breaths. They notice that the light is changing; that even though the sky has a sheen of brightness to it, the sun is no longer visible, and there are no clearly cast shadows. This is not significant to them because they are from a warmer part of the country where the land is flat. At first the snow whisks down in tiny little worls that don’t stay because the wind wisks them right back away again. It’s beautiful and mezmerizing to watch from their lean-to granite shelter. They found a really nice shelter that is roomy, protected on every side and has a sturdy roof. Here the wind can’t touch them. There’s plenty of weathered bone dry timber that is around the area to get them through days if necessary. But. Two of the guys are nervous about getting snowed in and decide to hoof it back down the mountain before it gets too dark to see. They want to let people know that a party is stranded and needs help, before there’s no way to get out.They take a tent flashlights and two sleeping bags as a precaution, as well as some rations and a ministove.

It darkened very quickly. With the snow getting heavier, landmarks were no longer visible. One of the guys took a bad fall and the other zipped him up in the sleeping bags tucked him into the tent and carefully continued downhill yelling and waving his light hoping for someone to notice. As he moved down towards the valley the snow lightened up, he was seen and an emergency crew picked up his nearly dead friend, and located the rest of the group and got them treated for slight frostbite and exposure. The guy who fell didn’t get to keep part of one leg but felt lucky to have made it home at all.

So preparation is important. Knowing that as you climb up mountains it is the equivalent of driving hundreds of miles north in the northern hemisphere is vital. The base of a mountain may feel like a Georgia summer but the top is going to be like a bad winter in Siberia, so you have to pack accordingly. And knowing when to stay put and stick together is also vital. The granite shelter would have enabled everyone to survive without much harm at all.Even if they’d been inundated by a blizzard.

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