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Lavalife is one of the 10 most popular online dating services.

Lavalife keeps it simple and all in one place, with three distinct communities to choose from; Casual Dating, Long-term Relationships and Intimate Encounters.

Quick Profile

Begun: 1997
Base: Canada
Membership: 5 million
For: Straight or same sex preference singles over 18 yrs. of age.
Seeking: Dating, Relationships, or Intimate Encounters
Reach: Global; but particularly strong in North America, the United Kingdom, France and Australia. extended battery for Note 2

In addition to its main site, it also has two Canadian and one Australian site.

What’s Free

  • Creating your profile
  • Searching by gender, age, location or characteristics.
  • Viewing Videos
  • Flirting by sending ‘Smiles’
  • Replying to Instant Messages
  • Replying to Emails

    What Costs:

  • Sending Instant Messages
  • Sending Emails

    How much:

    Their system is a unique ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ payment model. As a member, you pay only for the communications that you initiate.

    Prices and Packages:

    50 credits = $14.99
    100 credits = $24.99
    200 credits = $39.99>

    What credits buy you:

    In Instant Messaging Time:

  • 6 credits = A 20 minute session
  • 12 credits = A 60 minute session
  • 2 credits = An additional 5 minutes

    In Email Messaging:

    6 credits = First email message to a member.
    All subsequent messages to that member are free.

    Their Plan’s Advantages:

  • Simple, fast, affordable
  • No monthly fees
  • You have total control of costs; no automatic monthly deductions to take you by surprise.

    Special Features:

  • A member’s personal page is totally customizable.
  • Instant messaging with videos
  • Create your own private photo gallery
  • A Webzine that keeps you in the loop
  • Options

    Also available through the Lavalife Inc. folks: Lavalife Phone dating service Lavalife’s Mobile dating service for cell phone owners. Current Cost: 50 cents/message received No charge for messages sent.

    In Our Opinion

    The pre-purchasing of credits has the potential to be a real budget saver.

    Lavalife has all the search features anyone could desire, and their package of special features is a pure pleasure for the creative to contemplate.

    Their webzine also has a wry humored, amusing touch.

    Lavalife’s unique pay-as-you-go-plan offers a realistic alternative for people find the monthly expenses from subscription services unjustifiable. The full menu of options and expertise puts this service on our best online dating list.

    If you’re not too happy with the photos you have available to post with your profile, you might want to try this popular, easy to use software to make them more professional looking. It’s really quite a fun program to play with, and you can clean up all your old photos with it, removing red eye and lightening heavy shadows, as well as shaping and smoothing hair and skin and brightening teeth.

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