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Wondering how to make your bedroom sensually inviting?

We’ll show you some quick fixes that will make it a love retreat that is its own private world.

We’ll also give you some simple ideas [albeit nonviolent ones that might not be so much fun to contemplate, but which also won’t land you in court]on what to do about special problems, like: The incessant barking of a neighbor’s dog, the sound of loud neighbors,;put a small fan between you and the noise source pointing away from you. Make sure it’s a fan that makes some sound that’s at a tolerable level to smooth out the yapping and howling or human sounds. If that doesn’t work, buy wax earplugs. They are the only kind that work on serious noise problems. Another solution is to play a radio on a drone of a talk show or play music in the back ground.

Windows with no privacy or awful views of air shafts.

Horrifying, nightmare inducing wall coverings and carpets that leave an after image on your eyes when you close them.

Solutions for these are below.

Persistant bad odors from something you don’t want to know about or that comes from another apartment that you also don’t want to know about.What to do; before your date comes over to your palatial estate, put one of those Airwick plug ins in an outlet and or light some scented candles. Barring that, try a drop of an essence such as vanilla or jasmine on a lightbulb.

Did you know jasmine is an olfactory aphrodisiac?

Yes, it’s supposed to have some of the most highly effective pheramones known, from what I remember reading somewhere. A drop does not mean a drizzle; these essences are oils and you don’t want to set your house on fire…even for the hope of requited love.

Hey, a problem ridden place is not hopeless…and it gives you the perfect showcase to display your uniqueness, your ingenuity, and love of beauty.


But, if things are truly cumulatively that bad, if you can swing it, do yourself a favor and move out of the dump.

Where we live influences our state of mind and is certainly capable of creating depression, psychosis, and ruined relationships.

I mean if you have to live like a worm long enough, you are going to start thinking like one, so if you’re trying to become an eagle, your environment’s denial of your will to create that high flying identity is fighting your attempts to believe you can change every inch of the way, by forcing you to live contrary to your ideals.

I’m not sure, but I think it was Frank Lloyd Wright that once said he could design a home that would cause a couple to divorce.

Well unfortunately, it seems that the greater part of architects since his time have taken that up as a challenge worthy of their brainpower and skill… and have gained the dubious honor of that ingloriously inspired achievement, by peppering every urban and suburban landscape with their miscreations,and getting unsuspecting happy couples to pay dearly for the privilege of living in them.

Now naturally I have no concept of what sort of budgetary constraints you have; but even the most well to do folks I know like to save where they can, and shop in the most logically cheap places that are available. Like Sally Ann’s [Salvation Army to the uninitiated] though their prices can sometimes rival buying new, these days. So you need to watch the sticker prices there, or [I don’t know if you have these in your neck of the woods], but ‘Value Village’ second hand stores can come through with some basics like new mattresses at low prices as do Salvation Army and St.Vincent de Paul or Goodwill outlets. They remove all the old soft stuff from the metal frames and rebuild them from the frame out. They’ll still go you a hundred to two for a single or a double, which isn’t cheap, but it is cheaper than many new mattress sources.

Garage sales or moving sales…if you live near a army or navy base, people are always relocating, so you can find some great deals on everything in the way of home furnishings. Or check out your neighborhood store clearances and liquidation centers. The day after Thanksgiving is the best day of the year to find low prices on new goods, too.

But don’t trust every ‘liquidation’ sign to be honest, a lot of furniture stores have used that word or ‘closing must relocate’ for years as a come on, as well as variations on that theme like ‘IRS forced Inventory Clearance’ ..then when you see the stiff prices inside, it all becomes clear.

‘Flea Markets’ can also offer a lot of chances to save, sometimes on brand new, still in the box items that are top name products. From true business failings, where someone has sold off their inventory at a tremendous loss, and the buyer brings the lot out to try and sell it for as much as possible, as quickly as possible. Having no guarantee take back policy, [not being a store], handicaps the seller into having to offer the goods at a great discount..[because the buyer is still taking the chance that he’s buying factory recalled non functioning goods] and if things aren’t selling too fast, you can really make some cool deals at the end of their day… which could be whenever their patience wears out.

As for other sources, if you feel like going for first class quality, skipping the hassles and getting the makeover done fast,I can give you some links to try, that run some great sales and offer the highest quality, as well as less than the very best but still higher quality for those who are on really tight budgets, so don’t cringe when you see the word Walmart. You’d be surprised at what kind of quality and choices for style and color they offer these days.

And don’t forget the wealth of fabrics that can be mixed and matched at, because the last time I was there, I noticed that there were some incredibly beautiful sheer patterned fabrics that would look striking as window coverings for privacy, and wouldn’t need to be sewn in any way, because they had a look that would be enhanced if they were left a bit ragged around the edges,and pinned flat against the window frame rather than put on a rod. I found a heavy dark beautifully vine patterned green fabric which could work well as an over drape for use as a black out curtain for sleeping. So it’s a good store in which to let your imagination run wild. also has some realistic trees and shrubs for filling in uninteresting corners.

You can buy foam for making your own pillows and cushions, cut to the size and thickness you want… and then just wrap them in your favorite fabric as if you were wrapping a gift and hot glue gun the ends together neatly.

I don’t think I’ve ever been in Joann’s when there wasn’t a special discount running on something [don’t forget they have great information from Christopher Lowell on how to do your own low cost makeovers, too.]Amazing new products at!

If you own or are allowed by your lease to paint, then check out Home Depot for ways to texture and mix and match colors. They have idea books to help your inspiration along and if you are artistically inclined, some project ideas that will add storage space and interest to your room that are pure fun. Home Depot also carries some pretty beautiful peel and stick stained glass-like window coverings that add atmosphere as well as privacy. A perfect answer, by the way, for homes with sliding doors that look right into something unsightly or a neighboring yard or home. Some of the coverings which are self stick, are just textured enough so that no one can see in, but the light still comes through just fine.They carry the best selection and prices on high quality paints and other fix up stuff including tools like brushes and rollers, so I tend to stick with them.They also carry carpeting and that snap together laminate flooring which are quick answers to ugly gross tiles or carpeting. You can also find a large selection of wallpapers that are easy to remove if you need to, unlike the old fashioned ones that would have to be soaked off and took sheetrock texturizer and facing with it,when you tried to peel it, because all that old porous flat latex and texturizer was also water soluble.We have a house that has old border prints obnoxious enough looking to have to come off,which creates that problem. Now for the bedding.Walmart’s quality and selection for bedding is somewhat limited but for around 100 dollars you can get a fairly decent comforter with bulk and body. Their linens are lower thread count for the most part and the selection is extremely limited. So I utilize their bath decor selections instead, which offer more in color coordination and texture as well as style.

For bedding I’d suggest Linensource or Bedroom & Bedding which is Dishes,Decor and More…they carry Waterford bedding and they also are running a sale on odds and ends right now.Others I would recommend for great bedding are and here’s their big sale link; Save up to 70% on Down Comforters at! and here’s a link that will take you there;–Largest Selection of Bedding and Bath Amenities From Leading Manufacturers and now, let’s see who else… Oh yes; this company makes the best in the business, but they aren’t cheap. Their products are just worth paying the price for, if you want top quality.The Pacific Pillows Down Pillow and Hotel Bedding Collection – $4.00 Ground Shipping on ALL ORDERS to the Continental United States. and which has 100%cotton 600 and 800 ct sateen sheets which are truly luxurious to sleep between; zero abrasiveness for those with sensitive skin who like sleeping in the raw, and coolest in the summer. Buy Home Furnishings Online – Towels, Rugs, Covers, Pillows, Sheets


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