A Lesson From The Trees About How To Grow Healthy.

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How to grow healthy..and to grow a healthy relationship. You might think it would be more than a little shallow, for a couple to get together over a hobby; a love for something besides each other and themselves.

But I’d sure like to know the statistics on how many people that share a strong outward looking interest have long contented relationships, because in my life, those are the pairings I remember as being the most pleasant folks to be around; they seemed to share an inner calm and balance.. didn’t manifest the gossiping and nervous social interaction that you catch from people that seem to be caught up in a self comforting gerbil wheel-running routine of checks and rechecks on how they look, what someone said, what they really meant and all that.

From astrophysicists to gemologists to artists, writers, and sea people, no matter what reaching outward they find fascination in, if they have the luck to find someone equally as devoted to that outward effort, it keeps their relationship healthier.

Relationships seem to be a lot like trees. The more open air and in touch with the elemental, the natural groomers of wind, and weather they are, the healthier they tend to be. The winds remove the debris outgrown, that could inhibit new growth, the light literally feeds them through their upturned palms, turning to sweet nectar with the help of the rains, and the dark resistance of detritus that runs deep beneath them, also provides the means to keep them upright. The deeper their roots strive to go despite all the obstacles; all the stones in their way and layers of non food bearing clay they encounter, the stronger the whole tree will be to survive the wolvish winds of early winter that seek out the weak, the very young and the very old, the unhealthy and the unprotected.

Its funny, but I’ve tended to look at fully grown trees as not moving; not continuing to grow, fanning outward underground.. yet there must be continual growth; continual seeking out of new nutrient sources, continual building and rebuilding of passages that have become damaged by predation or disease.

The tunnelling project is massive with trees that we admire for their phenomenal strength. It’s said that the root system of an oak reaches outward and downward the same length and breadth of the tree visible above ground.

All that reaching outward, both above in the visible world, and below; where deep their dead have fallen; in youth and in great age. Their history of ages that dwarf the ages of man’s.

My parents have chosen a pair of upright evergreens of great height for their ashes to be spread beneath when they die. Then they will be as their earthly sediments go, part of that greater history, as the air they have breathed in and out all the years of their creative lives becomes our breath, with the living trees designed for this sanctifying intercession, revitalizing the life we need to take within, each sweetly exhaled breath refreshed for the sustanence of the living.

We can create a model of our consciousness, and if it’s healthy, it could look the same as an oak’s growth pattern; with all our awarenesses working together to maintain the whole self.It’s a logical model; the two worlds seeming to be at such odds. The one so bright that eyes must learn that reflected light must serve as touch.

The other world so dark that touch must serve in place of sight, and all the confusing traffic in between so purposeful but inadvertantly setting off a tug of war with our beliefs.

So should you strive against unseen obstacles, should you try to reach out further in every direction all your life long? Should you challenge the fears of what follows failure in a reasonable way? Should you,if blocked from exploring from one direction use your strategic planning ability to find another way to explore around the block? Should you expect and search for a life partner with the same lively curious intellect… and a lifestyle that is proof of it?

Only if you want the sparkling eyed companion that is alive all the way through.

I should warn you though, that choosing this lifestyle will be fun, full of surprises, and that your mind and body will be continually stimulated to learn… to be inspired to try new things, to invent new ways of solving problems.. and to laugh at the idea of having nothing to do, of ever being bored. It will start you on a path to compassionate action, where when things get uncomfortable, you won’t complain, but joke about it, and you won’t look back. Carpe Diem! May you find, as you give true lovingness, all the true love you’ve been hoping to be given, Lyn

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