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At HotorNot , Rate Hot Girls and Hot Guys Free.

Find out for free if you’re HotorNot! You can get free photo rating for up to 3 photos.

This is a site where you can rate photos of hot girls and hot guys and upload photos of yourself to receive ratings. They feature a free photo personals plan. essay services

HotorNot is a clean site; which we define as one in which, according to the service’s stated policies, no offensive graphic, sexually explicit imagery or language is allowed.

To visit, click this link.

Quick Profile

Begun: 1999
Base: U.S.A.
Membership: Over 1,600,000
For: Everyone of legal age.
Seeking: Casual Dating, Long Term Relationships
Reach: Global

The Plans and Their Prices

HotorNot offers 4 Membership plans.
The first plan is free of charge.

Their Free Basic Membership Plan

As a Free Basic Plan Member, you can:

  • Post your photo for rating
  • Post your profile in Meet Me
  • Upload up to 3 photos for rating
  • Search for members in a specific area of the world
  • Make any type of search
  • Browse through profiles
  • Make double-matches
  • Send and receive unlimited notes with all matches.
  • Send unlimited messages to matches who are Star members only.
  • Receive and reply to unlimited messages.
  • Their Single Star Membership Plan

    Their Single Star Plan is currently priced at:
    $5.95 per month

    As a Single Star Plan Member you can also:

  • Make double-matches
  • Upload up to 6 photos for rating
  • Send unlimited messages to all members.

  • Receive priority over Basic members for potential matches
  • Their Three Star Membership Plan

    Their Three Star Plan is currently priced at:
    $17.95 per month

    As a Three Star Plan Member you can also:

  • Get receipts when your messages are read.
  • Receive priority over Basic and Single Star members for potential matches
  • HotorNot’s Five Star Membership Plan

    Their Five Star Plan is currently priced at:
    $59.95 per month

    As a Five Star Plan Member you can also:

  • Get shown at the top of match lists
  • Attach your official HotorNot rating to messages.
  • Special Features

    Search Options

    Quick Search: Just enter your zip code, the gender you’re seeking and age desired, to receive immediate results.

    Regional Search: By major city, by zip code, by state or province or country.

    Keyword Search: By likes and interests.

    Scoreboard: Find out who in your group is the hottest. Customize a page designed for your group with your group name, description and logo.

    In Our Opinion

    HotorNot is a fun site that is very simple to use.

    Their large photo profiles are nice because you can really get a better feel for what the person in the photo is about.

    For their excellent layout and nice selection of plans, earns our Highly Recommend as a Best Dating Service.

    To visit, click this link.

    If you’re not too happy with the photos you have available to post with your profile, you might want to try this popular, easy to use software to make them more professional looking. It’s really quite a fun program to play with, and you can clean up all your old photos with it, removing red eye and lightening heavy shadows, as well as shaping and smoothing hair and skin and brightening teeth.

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    To return to the Home Page, from our profile of HotorNot, please click on this link.

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