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Enter your photo into a hot or not sexy body contest, or rate other hot bodies.

You’ll find a fun variety of hot or not picture rating sites here, ranging from the mild to the wild.

If you aren’t familiar with these kinds of sites, basically they let members rate pictures of other members. photos that the member to be rated chooses and uploads to the ‘Hot or Not’ site.

The ‘rate my pic’ feature is very popular. Some sites are mild enough for a general audience. They feature clothed people just submitting a photo of themselves, or their hot girl or hot boy friends for a picture rating.

Other ‘Hot or Not’ photo sites are for a more mature membership.

So if you just want to get your physique rated in a hot body contest, there are sites for that, and if you want to choose a sexy man or sexy woman and arrange to date, there are also sites for that.

Some sites are free; like Book of Matches, Rate My Body and Plenty of Fish. Cost does not necessarily increase the quality you receive as a member, of a ‘Hot or Not” type dating service,so give the free ‘rate me’ services a try, and save some money.

**Editor’s Note

Picture Rating dating sites are especially attractive to young people. Some of these sites are wonderful and are great entertainment,[like those we have profiled here ], but others contain the kind of offensive material that is socially irresponsible toward their readership.

Some sites can’t really be considered as being fit for teens in any sense; sites that seem to have a non-existent content monitoring system. Though they may use highly suggestive language,they may not be so sexually explicit that they can be classified as hardcore adult sites.

Some of those sites feature or allow suggestive violent photo imagery with weapons [ I was shocked to see one photo of a man looking high, half smiling with a handgun cradled to his chest ], This kind of violent solution provoking photograph is an assault on the viewer’s consciousness, and to me qualifies as terrifying; threatening, and potentially seductive to suggestible teenagers feeling resentful, feeling an absence of connectedness to others or feeling for a means to escape their powerlessness. A need that a weapon obsession could easily fill.

When you see these kinds of things on sites, alarm bells need to go off for all parents.

Teens trust their internet contacts too much. They believe that distance and their ‘anonymity’ protects them.

But we, as their parents, are their ‘guardian angels’ to guide them with our hard fought for wisdom; so we recommend that you monitor exactly what kind of sites your teens are accessing. If they haven’t learned how to erase the computer history of sites they visit, you can look at a list of what they access every day, with a click of the mouse.

Your child’s safety outweighs their right to privacy, when the two issues are in direct conflict. Your best way of monitoring their activity is to move their computer from their room to a public space in your home. They may squeal and fuss, but this is a necessary intervention to keep them safe…. And in the end it is your home: ie You Rule. You get to set the rules.

Oh, by the way, the site that I saw that photo on was and that site is now in our Zapped Files.

Find any more like that, and we’ll list them, too, to warn other concerned parents.

With Kindest Regards, Lyn

Because of the great number of ‘Hot or Not’ sites that are in line for an in depth profile, we can only recommend those sites listed which we have thus far reviewed.

But,we hope to get feedback about the kind of quality you find on any site you join. And if you offer a non-venomous, logical critique of a site’s features, fitness for teens, ease of use, and pricing, we’ll post it for others, so you’ll see yourself in print [if you wish] ! We won’t print slams of services, only useful information that we can check out.

Just scroll down to the Contact Form if you ‘d like to comment or offer information on this page’s subject matter.

Also if you own a ‘hot or not’ type date rating service, and would like to see your site listed with us, we welcome you and you’ll find a simple Dating Service application form as you scroll down the page.

We’ve profiled the following sites for you. At the end of each profile you’ll find a live link that will take you directly to the service named.

BookofMatches Review and direct link.

To visit, click this link.

PlentyofFish Review and direct link.

Rate My Body

Yahoo Personals Review and direct link.

If you’re not too happy with the photos you have available to post with your profile, you might want to try this popular, easy to use software to make them more professional looking. It’s really quite a fun program to play with, and you can clean up all your old photos with it, removing red eye and lightening heavy shadows, as well as shaping and smoothing hair and skin and brightening teeth.

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Please list the price and detailed features of your next higher cost subscription package, if any.
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Please name and describe the kinds of searches available.
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Is there a video or audio profiling option?
If so, please elaborate.
Private photo viewing option?
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Special Features
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Video Dating
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Do you have a members’ magazine?
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Do you offer mobile dating service?
If so, please include pricing and feature details.
Do you offer a relationship expert, other advice services or coaching of any kind?
If so, please specify who and or what kind of workshop or coaching. Details are helpful.
If there are any other things about your service that you want people to know about such as offline events planning, please tell us all about it in detail and include prices if appropriate.
Please enter your Dating Service’s Title and 3 words of anchor text
Enter your main site url including http://
Enter #1 page name for subdomain link.
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