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A collection of popular health and body building nutrients and blends in shakes, beverages and bars.

Plus some health and body building nutrients and supplements for those of us who prefer nutrient replacement therapy as a practical and an intelligent alternative to medicines that cover symptoms of nutrient deficiencies and imbalances rather than correct the reason for the symptoms.

More and more these days logically minded people are rethinking the standard treatments for health problems and examining the alternatives to proscribed treatments. Especially for health problems which might have been too casually assessed and pigeon- holed as something ‘anxiety related’.When the stress symptoms observed of the suffering individual might have indicated a biochemically related imbalance that once corrected, could reveal a very stress tolerant individual who has more than enough calm to go around under extremely stressful circumstances. Answer:anabol five antes e depois – direct online shop for US customers.

Folks with allergies they didn’t realise they had, to gluten which is in many popular foods, have found that symptoms that had made them depressed and anxious enough to be prescribed medications to help them cope, also perhaps suffering low energy, and bloating along with having to deal with skin problems from scalp itch and dandruff, to acne and more serious skin problems,were relieved once they changed their diet. Not easy to do in America, with luscious Big Macs and submarine sandwiches, sauces and pies and pasta. But when not altering your intake of a food you are allergic to provokes even more serious [intestinal] problems that could lead to a need for surgery… the decision becomes easy. dissertations

That’s one example of people wising up to the curative potential of dietary change.

This, of course, must be accompanied by the standard warning to those who tend to be extremely reactionary rather than temperate and contemplative, that there are highly informed and capable health practitioners out there that we trust, that inform us about such health and body building nutrient related discoveries so that we can take an active part in making our bodies healthier through dietary changes, instead of depending on certain medicines that were created to provide only symptomatic relief, not a cure.

So it is very necessary to emphasise that these well informed, caring, intelligent, health practitioners; many of whom are highly trained nurse practitioners, should not be ignored when they advise you to take a prescription medication dispensed by a pharmacy, despite your wish to go all natural.

Because there are many conditions that respond best to an extremely accurate and regular dosage of a chemical combination for which there is no natural alternative available that is equally effective. So listen to your nurse practitioner about what’s best for your specific health plan, and keep her informed about any supplements and health and body building nutrients you may be planning to add and why; for instance if you’ve had any kind of change in health condition; whether or not you’ve discussed the condition with her yet, but especially if you are on a medication of any kind, even if its a temporary one, like an antibiotic.

Because prescription drugs, natural supplements and health and body building nutrients can interact with each other upon occasion and either make you ill with a chemical interaction which creates an additive or antagonistic toxic effect or that knocks out the effectiveness of a medicine that you depend upon, such as say; an antibiotic, a blood thinner,a cardiac drug, a blood pressure regulator, or an insulin. Any of which, if made ineffective, could endanger your health big time.. and that would put a serious dent in your newly planned health regimen.

Also follow dosages carefully with any supplement that is supposed to build muscle faster or add or take off body weight because if taking more than recommended doses was safe, don’t you think that the manufacturer would encourage people to take a higher dosage? They would sell their inventory faster, and make more money wouldn’t they?

So knowing that they do not do that, means that it would be a decidedly unsafe thing for them to do, because it would not be good for people’s health,which would ruin their business. That business decision is your guarantee that you should stick to the recommended dose religiously, taken on schedule.

If you have an unwelcome reaction to any one of these things, stop taking it and see your health practitioner about it. Be sure to take the package and instructions with you and tell her exactly how you took the stuff, and with what.

Now that I’ve finished voicing my concerns for your well being, let’s get on with it.

Health and body building nutrients have been replacing the need for being bedridden, being confined to wheelchairs, or to the use of canes, and medications for many years, but people forget over the generations just how much learning about the needs of certain elements in our diets has meant to us, in amazing improvements in the health of the general population of countriesthat are in good economic circumstances.

People don’t see casesof Pellegra, or Rickets, or Scurvy on the streets these days, or massive Goiters,or other deformities that were once more common occurences caused by deficiencies of basic health and body building nutrients like adequate protein, calcium and Vitamin D, and Vitamin C,and iodine but scientists are continually learning more about the serious importance of trace nutrients even prebirth; for instance, it wasn’t many years ago that they discovered that folic acid was at least partially a preventative for the birth defect spinal bifida which is a devastating condition that causes the child to be born with the spinal column outside the body’s protective integumentary tissue. Now, if you check the ingredients in virtually any brand of prenatal vitamins, you’ll see folic acid or folate included. How many more wonderful breakthroughs in disease and birth defects prevention, especially, are waiting to be found.

It would have been nice if our bodies came with a complete maintainance manual, but we seem to be putting one together as fast as finances allow.

Another great breakthrough was learning that there is a very large drop in the incidence of psychosis with the use of, I believe, Vitamin B-12…[but double check this] Imagine; a cheap and easily available treatment that could keep people productive, mentally balanced, rational: Neighbors, postal workers, in-laws, husbands, and wives and last but not least…teen aged children. Just kidding!

So, knowing how important certain health and body building nutrients are to certain body systems; there are also other nutrients that have interactive relationships that can enhance their effectiveness. Use your head about recommendations,though, because more is not always better. Compare products carefully. Get past all the “pump you up” hype.

Your liver and kidneys have to handle all the stuff you ingest, and some things can be unnaturally large doses for these delicate filtration systems to handle. It’s a good idea to drink plenty of fluids to lessen the concentration of chemicals that need to be broken down at one time, your liver especially won’t have to work so hard that way.

My advice is just common sense and is certainly not to be taken as a replacement for the nutritional planning or advisement of a professional trainer, medical professional, or other health care provider.

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