The Great Expectations team meets with each member face to face.

With Great Expectations’ careful screening process, plus its video dating format, you can be sure that you won’t be badly surprised by what your date really looks like..or how they are really living.

If you are tired of having to sift through fake profiles submitted by undesirable people in dating personals search results, this service gives you a great alternative.

The ultimate dating service for those who prefer the assurance of a solidly researched match, before making any personal contact.

Quick Profile

Begun: 1976
Base: Reynoldsburg, Ohio
Membership: 100,000 Members
For: American singles; 21 or over, heterosexual, educated, intelligent, and financially successful.
Seeking: Match Dating, Long Term Relationships, Matchmaking.
Reach:U.S.; Most major cities; 52 locations.

Membership Benefits

As a member you can:

  • Create your personal profile: An extensive personal questionaire helps you define who you are to others and what characteristics you desire in a match.
  • Schedule an appointment with one of their professional photographers, who will help you present yourself at your best.
  • Create a video conversation for potential matches to view.
  • Browse through the personal profiles, photos and videos of any singles you wish.
  • Make contact:Their staff will send you postcards of people who would like to meet you. You have the option to agree or decline a meeting. You can make contact with others you choose by the same method.

    Pricing information is available to you upon acceptance.

    In Our Opinion

    For their intelligent design to assure quality dates for their clientele and for their personalized service, Great Expectations is definitely on our ‘A’ list of Top Recommends, as one of the best dating services.

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