Gifts for photography lovers? What comes to mind first?

Cameras and equipment, right? But the best gifts for photography lovers may be places to take pictures…subjects they crave to have the chance to study; and interests for photo study can be as varied as doing microscope slide studies, planet or star clusters through a telescope, oceanographic motion or sea life studies or the nomadic peoples or animals in a certain part of the world.

Maybe a class or two in the how to’s of composition would be perfect for their window of interest, right now, if they are just beginning.. or need to review the solid foundation of the basics, so think creatively.

Books that help them understand where their work can take them, by understanding where so far, experimental photography has already gone, pushing forward the frontier of photography, or perhaps a current exhibit of a master photographer’s work at a local museum would be a fine gift. There is so much rich history to build upon.

Just throw some ideas on the table and see what strikes them… Don’t overwhelm them with a grand idea of your own. They may not be as impressed by it as you are, and you might end up feeling hurt, when they are just oblivious to feelings that a simple disinterest might cause, because their minds are busy with possibilities that seriously absorb their awareness.

The best gift you can give them is interest and real attentiveness to what they are thinking about creatively.

That is a gift that will always be remembered with gratitude.

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