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We searched to find the best Gifts for Chocolate Lovers in the world.

Gifts For Chocolate Lovers

Taste will tell, and these truffles, cremes, and melt in your mouth dark delights have such a lot of sweet things to whisper soft and low, don’t you know.

If you or someone you know is a true chocolate lover, before you read about the choice delights upon this page, remember there is also a newly discovered health benefit to indulging in your love of chocolate; I forget what the scientists call it, but as far as any chocolate lovers that I’ve seriously discussed this with goes.. its pretty much a consensus. We do have our secret society, passwords,[ and no it ain’t Hershey’s!] extremely complicated secret handshakes [ it can get pretty sticky] and all…enough to make those Medieval Knights Templar look like a bunch of choirboys! [you notice boys always have had that thing for dressing up alike and wearing capes, and wearing metal bowls on their heads like little knights in training,long from before they’re old enough to pee straight.. what’s with that, I’d say any mother knows.

But many of us think we know where the cure lies. Yes, we believe a good part of their actions could be attributed basically to a severe lack of chocolate nutrients in their diets. Probably genetic, we figure. Which is the real reason you’ll find mothers always making lots of chocolate chip cookies and loads of brownies whenever they happen to be around…and I’ll bet you thought it was just coincidental.

Hell’s belles unsung! We’re right here on the front lines sweating away in our kitchens, trying to prevent the next world war! Huh.

But to get serious..

We really, really think chocolate is a great way to deal with the blues that-are-not-like-sky blues, but the blues that are the kind you would find get deeper in hue as you look out a curved window your hands pressed to the cool glass watching the light slide away as you feel yourself slowly silently sinking into the sea.[ Only a deep cold sea would do]. The kind of blue that replaces all other color. Not a great place to be psychologically.

Chocolate makes us feel good.

Not too scientific, but kittens can keep their catnip, and old men can keep their catnaps, just so long as we get to be The Keepers of The Chocolate. Hey, we’re just trying to be responsible; we’ve got Planetary Concerns.

Otherwise, well, be forewarned. The last dark age may pale in comparison. Continents could shift.

So I want you to delight in something wonderful that you just happen to find on this page, and I’m going to keep hunting for new Chocolate Lovers Gifts until I get senile,[ which I assure you could never happen, because I got that whole business out of the way during the sixties. Or was that the 70’s?]

Yep, that’s right. so where were we?

Oh, yeah… saving the world with chocolate. Of course.

So, check back once in a while to see what new bewitchery in chocolate I’ve discovered.

Chocolate and Sweet Gifts

Gourmet French Chocolate. Chocolate, as beautiful as it tastes, from RICHART. Buy online.

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