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Focus On Men is going to ask what we should expect for trends in men’s grooming and fashion for 2007.

We’re going to look at some basic guidelines on how to be at your best… not just to look great for a date, because how real is that? But as a part of a permanent lifestyle choice that you decide upon when you are ready.

A lifestyle upgrade can give you the shot of self-assurance that you’ll find eases your way in many social situations.

For instance:If you are at ease with your own body because your muscles are in well toned condition, it makes your whole attitude mellower; more able to take things in stride.

But to get there takes inner determination to achieve the best that your body can give you.It takes getting a game plan together and sticking to it. That can mean avoiding places and habits that counter your hard efforts to succeed. One thing seems to happen like magic if you find the right kind of workout; one that’s physically satisfying.

Your cravings change.

Fresh crisp crunchy greens begin to have more appeal than a bag of chips, for instance. Your brain will get better oxygenation, so you won’t feel the need to lean on comfort foods with high carb and fat content.

Why should that oxygenation matter to cravings for comfort food? With better circulation of nutrients through all parts of the brain, your seratonin levels and other biochemical levels that respond to stress start doing their jobs right.

They can’t when they are being choked off by slowed circulation. When they are doing their jobs right, you start to notice less sluggish, apathetic or fatalistic thinking, less thoughtless periods where you just watch tv without much interest or listen to music without really hearing it and will notice you have more interest in repairing, bettering things.

You may notice that you get ideas for creating things, inventing things,or modifying a design. Perhaps a great idea for writing a book, learning a new skill or suddenly remembering a great skill you already have, but have been neglecting for years.

You’ll notice that you tend to follow through on ideas more, and be less rigid about the thought of change.

You’ll also be more likely to sleep more soundly, wake up more refreshed, and with a feeling of pleasant anticipation about what the day holds, and feeling that you want to make the most of it.

You will suffer less confusion and forgetfulness.

You’ll feel more energetic and capable overall.

You will enjoy the purest water you can find and you will crave it. You will be attracted more to fruits and vegetables that are fresh and less drawn to heavy sauces and greasy foods.

You’ll tend to eat when you are hungry, and won’t be interested in having a prefilled plate of food, that is presented on a set schedule that you are supposed to finish.

You will eat lightly and more often.

You’ll be more attracted to the idea of the real outdoors where there are no sickening fumes from cars, and no other pollutants. You will be more sensitive to these things, and will need to be away from such pollutants.

You’ll want fresh filtered purified air circulating through your home because you’ll feel the difference in your wellness and energy when it’s not.When you can’t exercise you’ll be a pain to be around, because you’ll feel deprived of something vital.

So, like I said, when you are ready to make that choice of stepping up in lifestyle, it’s real.

Then, the mind will have the ability to take to heart the finer points of civility, consideration for others and appreciation of the grace of social skills.

From the latest in skin care to outerwear, we’ll find out what’s hot, and what’s not. So, keep checking, well be bringing you some new fashions, soon.

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Only you can make your dreams come true by becoming your very best you!

Okay, enough serious stuff. Now go play.

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