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Each of us is subject to depression and anxiety from ourselves and from others.

What power do we have over depression and anxiety?

In the early days of mankind’s developing psyche; there has been a lot of talk about his fight or flight reaction… something you’ll see in I guess just about every kind of animal..though some types obviously survived only by turning their immediate flight reaction into staying as still as a pin and just getting eaten until only those with hard to define as other than background type color and patterns were left to carry on.

Perhaps we as humans are at a defining point like that, now. That we need to pick up fast on the inner stillness thing even though it goes against all true instinctual reaction. Or we won’t have a lot of variety left to our particular species.

We need to know more than how to restrain ourselves or subdue our nature, though, because to do either of those things causes a head on collision with our [for lack of a better word], subconscience; that isn’t a misspelling of subconscious. And it’s only natural that a psychological ‘head on collision’ is going to cause some serious health repercussions.[Ones that are quite directly symbolic signals for us to wake up and pay attention to what behaviors we are teaching.] Yet,that has been about the extent of our dealing with this vital, life altering conflict for way too long.

It has created so much neuroses that it has become the norm to suffer some form of neurotic disorder and has filled so many jails and prisons.

We need something else.. a new way of coping that isn’t just permitting survival, but enhances the quality of life far beyond mere survival.

But what could it be? We’ve had the whole of civilization’s teeth grinding history to find where are they?

Let’s find them.

The urge to create..

The rage to act.

The will to explore..

The desire to invent.

The determination to be best..

Try to shut off these powers within us; try to cage them with any kind of psycholological artifice and you will inevitably witness a true “Clash of the Titans”, within our own psyches.

We were created to be creators.

We just have to let our sometimes too easily lulled imaginations get plans of actions together that we can be content with.

We need to be utilizing all our abilities; most of which we have little experience with.

If we are not fulfilled individuals, we are spreading our unhappiness with our own life situations around, teaching helplessness for tolerance and stagnation for patience. There’s no virtue in that.

Children observe how their role models react, and learn to either improve what can be changed in the world or become armchair quarterbacks, never doing much more than sneer at others that at least keep trying, though they may fail once or thousand times, or these malleable children will become complainers about what people should be doing about such and such, without ever putting themselves on the line.

Another sad thing happens when these Titans within us are not allowed to act in the good way they were created to act.

All those wills get inverted.

The urge to create the new becomes the urge to destroy or to repeat the traditional in a known, accepted, pattern.

The rage to act becomes the rage to counteract; to keep things the same.

The will to explore becomes the will to establish; to refuse the different, to keep things unfamiliar at a distance.

The will to invent becomes the will to reject change; to keep strong the patterns of tradition and ritual.

The determination to be best becomes the fear of standing out or of competition; a fear of becoming the center of attention in a humiliating way, the fear of failure.. and it can also turn a person into a bitter, razor tongued, envious, mean spirited sort who may have cohorts but never keeps trustworthy, true hearted friends.I think we’ve all known and had to work for, or with, a few of those poisonous souls.

We have choices as humans and we can try on as many wrong ones as the environment and our fellow humans’ tolerance allow us to survive.

But, life is a lot more enjoyable if you work with that gift of imagination, that was designed to coordinate the powers of creativity into the smoothly working components of an all around winner.

If you got something helpful out of this article, let me know. I’ll be writing more on this subject.

Warmest Regards,
Keep the Faith, Lyn

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