To Find The Best Dating Personals, shop with these 4 questions in mind.

Where is the dating personals service based? When was it started? How many members does it have? How advanced are its search options?

About Dating Personals

Getting basic information about an online personals service before getting involved with it is just good sense.

  • Learn about how an online personals service works.
  • Learn the advantages of this type of service’s features.
  • Learn how to find the best online personals services.
  • If the search demand numbers are any indication, online personals services have gained unheard of popularity, and are still in an upward climb, with no ceiling in sight.
    Instant gratification tops the list of reasons! It can be a whole lot of fun to browse through online dating personals.

    Despite its name, placing an ad with an online ‘personals’ service is a lot different from placing a simple dating ad in the personals column of a magazine or newspaper.

    How Online Personals Work

    Creating A Profile

    Your photo profile and written profile will reveal whatever you choose, and will be made available to whomever you wish. But your real name and other contact information stays secret. No contact can be made directly with you, unless you decide to make it happen. All messaging between members is handled through the dating service communication system, which protects your privacy and safety.

    Online dating personals services offer finely tuned profiling and search systems that let you choose the kind of people you’d like to have respond to your ad; for instance, singles only.

    You have a choice of ways to present your own profile, to increase the chances of firing up the right kind of person’s interest. You have the option of posting a personal video clip that is only viewed by the person or persons you choose, or the option of creating a photo gallery that is either open to everyone who browses the ads, or is reserved for private viewing only.
    There are also online agencies that specialize in helping you present yourself as your very best, by assisting you with either your photo and written profile, or both.

    Performing searches

    Dating personals services offer quick searches for member convenience. You just punch in your selection and out pop at least a few profiles. If they are not to your liking, you are free to change your search criteria.
    As the responsiveness of search technology has improved, search results can typically be matched not just to your city or region, but to within the distance in miles you prescribe from wherever your locale happens to be at the moment… [ a great feature for people in the military or business reps or others who have lifestyles that keep them on the move.*]
    The variety of search options, aside from quick searches, include expanded descriptive searches, and keyword specific searches; which allows you to home in on a particular quirk or odd item that wasn’t covered in the expanded search.

    Viewing Search Results

    You can opt to receive your search results ‘delivered to your door’ so to speak, through normal email notifications.. or you can check in on new search results, via your own super private ‘for your eyes only’ email boxes that are typically offered as an integral part of any online dating personal service.
    Many dating services are now offering a feature called a ‘Mutual Match’. It simply means that you can opt to be shown only search results of people who either show interest in your profile, or who are matched to you by computer. It can save having to browse through a lot of unnecessary emails of search results.

    Getting In Touch

    A number of dating personals services are going mobile; providing a convenient option to the steadily increasing number of cell phone users who crave live chat, but are rarely home at a good time to make a connection by computer.
    And what could be a quicker mood lifter on a boring day than indulging in a little sexy phone flirting while you’re sitting alone in a sidewalk cafe, walking through your neighborhood, dealing with the usual hurry up and wait traffic jams or just hanging with your friends?

    With mobile capability you have the options of viewing search results, listening to pre-recorded chat messages that are part of the search result profiles or initiating live conversations with someone who interests you.

    How To Find The Best Personals Service For Your Specific Needs

    Probably the single most important factor in finding yourself a service that’s going to be of real use is finding out what kind of membership an online personals service has in your region… that is if you are interested in meeting the person you plan on contacting. There are services for every region of the world, just about. But unless you take the time to check out details, you may find that though you are in London, and have no plans of making contact with the Philippines in this lifetime, that you have just joined a dating personals service that is based in the Philippines, is 90% Philippine residents, and just happens to have a decent English language translation. The same thing could happen to a Philippine resident who finds himself stuck with a non-Philippine based personals service of 90% London residents that just happens to have a good language translation.

    So, first , Where are they based?

    [We put that item right on the top of our free dating personals service profiles.]

    Secondly, How long have they been in business?

    It can really matter..for instance, say, if the service you just joined is a fly by night that decides to shut down tomorrow, right after it cashes your check. [We also include this information in our free service profiles.]

    Thirdly, What’s their membership?

    With dating personal services, the more people that are active members, the greater the chances are that you’ll find someone worth getting starry eyed about. [This info, of course, is also on our ‘free-even-to-download-so-you-can-comparison-shop-dating-service-profile-sheets’. We do all the time consuming, aggravating research, so you won’t have to! [… did I mention that they’re free? ;)]

    Fourth, What are their search options?

    Some services might as well just say right out front, “You have a choice between men who only have one sleeveless unwashed tee shirt in their wardrobe, and that live on very tiny boats with low roofs that make them have to tilt a little sideways at the camera while they have their pictures taken, which is a physical challenge since they’re trying to pull their pants back up and suck in their almost ready to pop beer guts at the same time…. and anorexic love goddesses who are into body piercings so much it’s hard to figure out which holes were originally their ears..” especially when they lean into the camera like that,..scary!

    But of course, being a wise shopper, you don’t have to put up with all that too memorable trial and error stuff; trying to figure out where a dating site hid all of its important facts.. We make comparison shopping a breeze with our free dating service sheets. We check out all that stuff for you!

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