2 million strong, Date.com offers singles state of the art features.

Date.com has all the state of the art features that you expect from an upscale service that caters to educated professionals, but it doesn’t charge the upscale price.

Quick Profile

Begun: 1997
Base: U.S.A.
Membership: Over 2 Million; “professional, educated and serious about finding a healthy happy relationship.”
For: Singles over 18; of both hetero and same sex preferences.
Seeking: Friendships, Casual Dating, and Long Term Relationships.
Reach: Global, with 67% living in North America.

What’s Free:

  • To create your profile, including uploading photos.
  • To search by gender, age, location and over 100 characteristics.
  • To show ‘interest’ to another member.
  • What Costs:

  • Instant Messaging
  • Audio video messaging
  • Chat
  • Email
  • The Plans and Their Prices

    Their Free Membership Plan

    Free plan users can:

  • Search by gender, age, location or characteristics
  • Post a profile
  • Flirt by showing interest
  • Their Gold Membership Plan

    Their Gold subscribers can:

  • Search by gender, age, location or characteristics
  • Post a profile
  • Flirt by showing interest
  • Send Emails
  • Instant Message
  • Access Web Cam Chat rooms with groups…or one on one.
  • Show in the Highest Search Rankings
  • Their Gold Membership subscription offers three payment choices:

    $24.95 per month
    $49.95/3 mo.[$16.99/mo.]
    $74.95/6 mo.[$12.49/mo.]
    $99.95/12 mo.

    Special Features and Options

    DateMobile: Cell phone dating is on its way; we’ll keep you updated as it comes together.

    Date Info Magazine: This fast paced online magazine offers a perky mix of entertainment news; the latest glitz on the stars! Plus there’s real couples’ true life romance stories, loads of up to date information and articles on everything from dating and relationships to your health, as well as the intriguing results of member polls.
    But it also actually offers you as a member the opportunity to ask the experts for advice on your own important dating and relationship questions!

    Singles Events: Don’t get left behind!…Although the dating service itself doesn’t host any events, it serves as a partner to various offline event companies that can offer special events to their membership.. which makes it possible for members to organize their own professional quality special offline events whenever the mood hits them!
    Check in with the chat rooms every once in a while, so that you don’t miss out!
    Who knows what might be happening next, and you could have a say in the exciting choices and planning!

    In Our Opinion

    Their great features plus very reasonably priced subscription plans combine to easily place Date.com among the very best online dating services on our ‘A’ list of Highest Recommends.

    If you’re not too happy with the photos you have available to post with your profile, you might want to try this popular, easy to use software to make them more professional looking. It’s really quite a fun program to play with, and you can clean up all your old photos with it, removing red eye and lightening heavy shadows, as well as shaping and smoothing hair and skin and brightening teeth.

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