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Information on where to go and what to do for specific crisis intervention.

This is your crisis intervention directory. Use it if you need to get to safety, shelter, or if you just need someone caring to talk to about problems that seem impossible to deal with alone, right now.

These resources are for any abuse and threat to life problems, applicable to all ages and relationships.

Learn about how you can get the help you need to change your situation into a supportive, higher quality one.

Relationships should be fun and full of great moments that stay with us for a lifetime.

But the reality is that they can often be memorable for terribly traumatizing and permanently scarring reasons.

Learn through checking out the links below, the warning signs of people who could put you at risk.

There’s one kind of dating abuse that isn’t generally thought of as such in our society, yet it certainly involves the careless destruction of someone’s wellness. for free ukrainian dating for love elena

Its a kind of slow violence delivered by a lover or friend giving someone they ‘really care’ about, the gift that keeps on giving:sexually transmitted diseases. Just remember; if someone brings harm to you knowingly, it’s abuse.

That’s why info about Sexually Transmitted Diseases [STDS] is included on this page.They require crisis intervention.

People who truly care about you the way they should will not cause harm to come to your mind, your body or your spirit by neglect, carelessness, or their own purpose; such as release of pent up anger. Apologizing to a victim after doing him or her damage only means the person believes abuse is excusable.

These resources will work, we hope, to help prevent tragic encounters and to help alleviate the horror of encounters which were not able to be prevented, by delivering available support to those victimized by people close to them.

If you know of anyone at risk, be a hero to yourself and others by turning them on to these excellent resources.

Domestic Violence Help

Child Abuse Hotline

Counseling Resources

Battered Women’s Justice Project resource links

U of Conn. Women’s Center Site; dating violence info.

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence

U.of Minn. dynamics of healthy relationships, etc..

CDC Sexually Transmitted Disease Info

U of Mass.sexual assault info. both local and general

Women’s Health Resources

Planned Parenthood Info

We welcome your interest, so don’t just bookmark us, link to us! You may link to any page you wish. It’s free and you don’t have to list us on your site unless you feel like it.

If you have a non-profit crisis intervention and or preventive educational service that could be of more help to others if it was listed here, please contact us using the form below. Thank you.

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