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Chemistry has a very interesting matchmaking system.

The professionals at, armed with the results of your personality profiling, do an uncanny job of analyzing and interpreting.

This is a very sophisticated system; designed to determine by signature characteristics your mind’s inner workings.

This match dating service is a very intelligent choice if you’re serious about finding a long term relationship. Of all the profiling processes we’ve seen, their match profiling is one of the very best.

Chemistry has determined that it is of primary importance for people to meet face-to-face as soon as possible, because it builds trust and keeps building a relationship that’s real.
Their system was built with that determination as an imperative.
Designed to guide you through the matching process and through communicating with a match, and even through the face-to-face meetings; it’s not just a matchmaking service.. it is a coaching service, as well.
Based on over a decade of reseach and experience, they know what works and put that knowledge to good use. rolex replica watches

This service is the brainchild of’s creators. Its system interacts with the extensive Match membership database.

Quick Profile

Begun: 2006
Base: San Francisco, Ca., U.S.A.
Membership: 15 Million
For: Singles over 18, multi preferences.
Seeking: Match Dating, Matchmaking, Long Term Relationships

The Plans and Their Prices

Chemistry offers 2 Membership Plans.
The first plan is free of charge.

Their Free Membership Plan

Members can:

  • Create a profile
  • Upload photos[up to 25!]
  • Receive automatic profile transfer from
  • Receive matches from the advanced system
  • View photo profiles of your matches
  • Focus on creating enduring meaningful relationships
  • Their Membership Plan

    Their Plan is currently priced at:
    $49.95 per month
    $99.95/3 mo.
    $159.95/6 mo.
    $249.95/12 mo.

    Plan Members can:

  • Create a profile
  • Upload photos[up to 25!]
  • Receive enhanced privacy
  • Receive automatic profile transfer from
  • Receive matches from the advanced system
  • View photo profiles of your matches
  • Focus on creating enduring meaningful relationships
  • Receive access to members interested in you
  • Send notification of interest to members in match results
  • Receive notification of interest by members in match results
  • Enter the exclusive guided communication process
  • Archive [deactivate]a matching then Unarchive [reactivate] the communication process with a match right where you left off
  • Receive many feedback opportunities to develop better matching
  • Receive onsite email privileges
  • Utilize their unique First-Meeting technology
  • Special Features

    Their Personality Profile: This is an in depth assessment that analyzes the various aspects of your personality.

    The Advanced Matching System: Search results based on your personal input and feedback.

    The Guided Communication Process: No need to ever feel tongue-tied when you are coached through your meetings. You can customize the process to suit your pace and personal taste.

    Their Guarantee: “Under the Meet In Person Promise Program if you don’t meet at least 3 matches that you think are great during your first 3 months subscription, we’ll give you an additional 3 months at no additional cost to you to continue your search [a 3-Month Extension].”
    *There is also a guarantee for 6 month subscribers. Both of these guarantees apply to qualified subscribers only, of course. KOP Film

    In Our Opinion

    DatingSceneMagazine’s intrepid reporter’s comments on experiencing the personality profiling process follows;

    “I will say that I had heard about a part of the process where the relative length of your fingers are part of the determining factors.. that it had to do with the levels of certain hormones at birth that would influence compatibility with possible matches… an odd enough thing to become popular gossip.”

    “Well, Chemistry is a trip; totally unexpected.. I got the impression that they created the questionaire and process specifically to outwit our very human tendency to second guess; maybe one of the biggest problems for the designers of subjective tests. It’s because people tend to try, even subconsciously, to give pleasing answers, and by doing so, skew the process and end up with a few mismatches.”

    “What came out of the process was a feeling of broadened understanding of what is involved in human interactions…it made me more aware of the complexity of who and what we are.
    Though I would never consider myself that evolved, the results left me feeling more self assured.. about where I am in life.”

    With that first hand report and our assessment of their costs and guarantee, we feel that this service is providing very high quality.p> We believe Chemistry match dating service is an evolutionary step in matchmaking.
    A subscription to this service is an excellent investment in their future for people serious about finding an intelligent, creative relationship.

    Right now there’s a 7 Day Free Trial with We give Chemistry match dating service our ‘Highest Recommend’.

    This easy to use software can help make you look your very best in your photo profile.

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