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About Dating Scene Magazine and What We Do

We research information and formulate consumer reports on where to find the best online dating services in each category, so that you can find what you want quickly and easily.

We also provide a continually growing Online Dating Service Profiles index. Working around the clock on this project, we make new profiles available as quickly as the researched data can be uploaded.

We want you to have this information so that you can make up your own mind by comparing just about any quality dating service’s features to any other, quickly and easily.

We aren’t investment consultants, we just look up the information we think is most pertinent for the average person to know, and create easy to understand reports for people to use as a reference when they shop for dating service plans.

We stay away from judging the style of any dating service, because no one style could conceivably make everyone happy.

In fact, we like to let you know about the wonderful variety and unique characteristics of each different dating service we come across.

What we are concerned with is quality… in each type of dating service’s features and comparative costs.

From dating services which specialize in matchmaking, to those which specialize in online personals.. and from the best online dating service networks, to preference based online dating communities, Dating Scene Magazine is dedicated to continually researching the web to bring you the highest quality information on internet dating services.

You won’t find anything but dating and relationship information here…. but that doesn’t mean we don’t believe in fun! We really enjoy the work we do for you, which is all about putting the fun back into your online dating experience.

We provide you two kinds of information:

Subjective: This includes information about what it’s like to join each individual service, firsthand experience with each dating service, an informed discussion of their features and our opinion of their overall quality.

Objective: This is presented in a format designed to be an easy reference for comparing dating service prices and features.

We wanted to create a place where it would be simple to look up information about each individual online dating service, so we also designed a couple of other features into this site for your convenience:

A Super Simple Indexing System: You can search for dating services by type, by feature, region of the world or by name.

Online Dating Fact Sheets: Ever wonder what the difference is between matchmaking, dating personals and other dating services.. or wonder which is the best online dating service for you?

If you check our navbar buttons to your left, you will also find simple fact sheets listed that tell you what the different types of services are all about.
We explain the advantages of using a relationship matchmaking service versus a dating personals service as well as other online dating services, and give you basic information on how each kind of dating service works.

We also teach you what things are important to look for to make sure you get the best online dating service for your investment of time and or money.

The information our service provides is free. This site was created and is being kept up to date for your benefit, so we hope you enjoy exploring it,and we also hope it helps you find the best online dating service for your needs.

Happy browsing!

Lyn Hilyard; Editor of Dating Scene Magazine

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Our Privacy Policy: All personal information sent to this site stays private. To our knowledge, no addresses or names are harvested from this site for trade or sale. We respect and protect the privacy of those who take the time to correspond with us.

Legal Disclaimer: Although we make every effort to represent the facts responsibly and accurately and also make every effort to keep our information updated, we realize that mistakes can happen and changes in service features can occur without notice. So we urge you to check the facts for yourself by visiting the site of any dating service profiled. We also extend our sincere apologies to dating services that find any inaccuracies and urge them to email us with corrected information, so that we can promptly make any necessary corrections. Lack of a dating service ‘s inclusion or mention in any category index is not necessarily because we decided to exclude it; we have yet to assess a great many dating services, so please bear with us and our painstaking cataloguing process. Any misrepresentation of facts that may occur, is purely unintentional.

Our opinions remain only our opinions, and should be taken as such, understood as being without malicious intent of any kind.

Thank you and warm regards to all our readers. If you have any questions and or concerns please contact us. We always like to hear from you.
The Staff of Dating Scene Magazine; continuing to bring you the news on the very best online dating services we can find for you.

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