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Protect yourself from fakes on dating websites with background reports.

You can get background reports and also filtering and blocking software that is designed to keep your children from surfing sites inappropriate for their age and emotional wellbeing.

If you have never downloaded or installed software programs before, don’t think it’s beyond your ability. There’s really nothing very complicated about installing a software program, if you’ve never done so before.

I personally used to be petrified at the idea of installing software, but once I learned that whatever mistakes I made could easily be undone, and that I could start over, it took the fear out of it. Now, after a lot of successful downloads, even though I’m no ‘tech head’, I find that it’s a cinch. I am sure you will gain confidence from experience just as quickly. fast weight loss

If you need help, background reports will have online instructions available. Prices are very low and in a couple of cases these kinds of services are actually provided free, and I think some are just sites with search questionaires, where you won’t have to buy any software programs.

Nothing can take the place of vigilance, but these background reports and filtering services can at least give you some information about offenders who are on record, these methods has got its limits though; people who are ex-felons or wanted for various things like lack of child support tend to change their names and addresses, and there are still lots of folks on the web that are predatory in one way or another, but are too experienced and shrewd to get caught. So protect yourself, protect your children with these technological tools that will help give you an edge, but also monitor your own and your children’s information sharing habits on the web. Stay safe. Warmest Regards, Lyn

This one I consider one of the best and most important protections you can invest in for yourself and your family. It’s so simple to prevent the damage someone could do to you using this program. Once you sign up they go to work and you are carefree.

Not to protect your identity could lead to such unending misery and lawyers entanglements that I can’t recommend it highly enough.

It’s like not having a fire wall on your computer, or any anti-virus protection. No one would dream of leaving their computer wide open like that. Our identities are more important by far than a computer. They are the key that can open every asset we own to electronic theft. LifeLock

LifeLock is the only Identity Theft Prevention Solution backed by a one-million dollar guarantee! Click here to get a 10% discount.

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Net Nanny

US, Inc.

To visit this thought provoking site, Woman Savers, click here. But keep in mind that only a small percentage of morally deficient types are listed here.. and help the cause by adding any low lifes you’ve known to the list . You can also add the wonderful ,honest, caring men you’ve known to the list, too. It’s not a man hating diatribe. It’s just women helping women experience less heartbreak by sharing information with each other about men they’ve known, protectively; like caring sisters.

To visit Public Data, click here

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Please let us know how these services work for you, and if you know of great ones that could help others like you, if we listed them here.

Just use the contact form below, thank you!

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