Our Adventure Travel Index has cool places to go and the thriftiest way to get there.

Our Adventure Travel Index is designed to help sort out the details and let you concentrate on the fun of choosing your destination, whether you are going on vacation or are free wheeling it, we think you’ll find some intriguing places listed here.

And for reading up on where you’re headed don’t forget to check out the Lonely Planet Guides by the way they also offer translation books that you’ll find indispensible.If you spend over $40 with them, the shipping’s free, here’s their store connection. Lonely Planet Shop

We also have an Outdoor Outfitters Index which will get you set up with the right gear for your trip; including state of the art GPS finders and photography equipment, so that you’ll have what you require regardless of which part of the world you’re traveling to or what kind of weather and terrain challenges you’ll be heading into.

Visit the top of the world; the view’s cool and Ascending Path will take you there.

Ever dream of a pirate’s life? Diving for ancient finds? Try Blackbeard’s Cruises for a thrill.

Follow in the wake of the H.M.S. Beagle; rediscover what Darwin learned about evolutionary adaptation.
Galapagos Scuba can take you there.

Great American Days, unbelievable gifts, amazing experiences

From archaeology digs to language courses... Click now to find all you need to plan the perfect vacation.
Don’t tell me you can resist that!

Eco Sailing Expeditions: Wanderbird Expeditions Eco Sailing Expeditions
Join us for amazing voyages of discovery aboard the Wanderbird. We love what we do and hope to be your hosts on an amazing eco adventure.

Starting At: US $700/Week
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Imagine being free to explore this exotic, beautiful country and its complex cultural heritage with an experienced tour guide. Voyage Vietnam offers off-road tours of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia by motorbike, moped scooter, motorcycle and 4 wheel drive Jeep. Kayaking and trekking are also options!

You’ve probably heard that cynical rumor that Africa consists of lots of airports and no lions, in our modern age..some misquote from a movie, no doubt. But don’t you believe it. Africa is still a place to safari; to see lions, elephants, and all that you dreamed of as a child… and that you daydream about now, as you look out your office window. It’s still wild.
Here’s a site that will give you an idea of the massive expanse of the area and take you through all the where to go’s and what to do’s to make at least this one simple dream of yours come true.

Exhilaration experiences

Explore the world for less. Click now to find hostels around the globe.

Explore the world in more exciting ways. Click now to plan activities that will get you out of the hotel and into excitement.
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