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You will also find free Sports chat, Video Games chat, and Music chat at 1 Chat Avenue.

This site monitors the cleanliness of the language used in the content of chat room conversations. So you shouldn’t find inappropriate language in chat rooms that are designated for teens or children. azeri chat saytlari

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Quick Profile

Begun: 1999
Base: U.S.A.
Membership: 74,552
For: Everyone
Seeking: Chat Pals, Friendship, Casual Dating, Long Term Relationships
Reach: Global

Special Features

  • Chat Room Emoticons: Add quirky characters to your chat.
  • A Convenient ‘Search the Web’ Window.
  • Online Dating Service: #1 Chat Avenue chose to team up with American Singles; so when you click on ‘dating’, that service automatically links in.
  • Gallery: Member photos, staff photos [not elaborate personal profiles].
  • Tic Tac Toe: Pit your wits against The Computer’s.
  • Fortune Teller: This is off the wall enough to get a chuckle.
  • Daily Horoscopes: Birth Chartings are also offered.
  • #1 Chat Avenue Radio: Choose your favorite music to listen to while you’re chatting.
  • #1 Chat Avenue Arcade: A wide variety of games to challenge players of every skill level.

    In Our Opinion

    Chat Avenue is a very pleasant, fun, and simple to use free chat site with a great selection of forums that have entertaining and helpful subjects likely to be of interest to just about anyone.

    We give #1 Chat Avenue our Highly Recommend.

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