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Your Best Source For Online Dating Services.

Welcome to Dating Scene, Your Online Dating Magazine

In response to consumer demand, Dating Scene Magazine has grown!

Now it offers you more than data on dating services, though it remains a free publication provided as a service to the global dating community, which includes all cultures and persuasions.

Our staff is still dedicated to searching out and bringing to you the most accurate information about individual dating services on the web and to making that information easy for you to use.

To make experiencing online dating more fun, which we believe, benefits everyone; including the many reputable dating service providers out there.

Well, all that’s still going on, but we have added some single and couple related features, which we thought would save you time and trouble searching on the web and we also happened on some fun things in our travels; like Virtual Makeovers… Who on earth could resist?

And we decided that finding the perfect partner depends upon a lot more than finding the right dating service, so we also added some of the best personal coaching resources like Anthony Robbins!

We are going to make available to you some information on how to upgrade and do a makeover from the inside out..starting with your well being which affects your attitude toward yourself and others…

Then we’ll help you with special tricks and tips on grooming, dressing upgrades that work with your personality and character instead of feeling fake and pretentious, and we’ll let you in on the fine art of practicing behavior that attracts… the attractive.

We are going to help you learn how to grow a relationship, so that it has deep roots that can keep you upright and able to survive the storms and so that it has strong branches that reach out giving strength to others and so that it also has good fruits of caring to give the community and the greater world around it.

We want you to be the very best you were meant to be, the amazing creature you were put on this earth to be; and we are going to help you get there.

Articles; we are going to have articles on everything and from everybody we can snag into writing! And we want feedback. We want to know what you’re thinking. What we can do to help you in your situation. This magazine is for community and you are part of it.

There has also been a change in our advertising policy. A necessary one to keep the magazine running.

We have decided to accept ads, because the commissions will hopefully provide the money to keep us going. But that strategy keeps this magazine free to you! So we figure if we only advertise quality products and don’t allow obnoxious, in your face or dishonest ads, and if the products are actually things you need and want to buy anyway, then it’s alright.
But again, feedback from you is important. If we receive proven negative information about an advertiser, out he goes.

We also decided that if we are going to carry ads for very high end luxury items like top of the line jewelry, watches, and designer apparel as well as luxury resorts, that we couldn’t do it in good conscience without also offering the best possible choices available to those of our readers that can’t afford much on the ridiculously callous basic wages set in stone by the economic powers that be, that completely ignore the real basic cost of living. So. You will see everything from jewelry and apparel to vacations that are within dreaming distance of where you are economically…and not the “Captain Ron” version of vacationing, either. If you’ve seen that movie you know what I mean.

The changes are in the works; you’ll be seeing more varied interesting content and learn about some great things happening with some amazing people, too. Stuff to grow on, that you can learn from and become a more complete you; stuff to help you learn what powers of change you contain; what you are capable of. That’s the real secret of finding the perfect partner. Completing yourself. Then the perfect person will be drawn to you like a nickle-iron meteorite to a magnet. [What can I say; I’m part science geek!}

We still bring you information about the features that really hit home about each dating service we choose to review: From the effectiveness of its search system’s design and features, to the level of community interaction and supportiveness each matchmaking or dating service provides to its members.

Whether you are simply looking for a web chat contact or are seeking a long term relationship, we still believe in bringing you the best… So even though you won’t find every possible service listed here, you will find the widest selection of the best dating services available in each category.

Hope you enjoy our new additions! With Best Wishes and Warmest Regards for You, Lyn Hilyard Editor

To comment, or just introduce yourself, please feel free to use the contact form in our footer at the bottom of the page.

Dating Scene Magazine’s News Update
Consumer information and the latest news about online dating services including fact sheets, articles, detailed profiles and quality ratings.

For The Best Online Dating Service: Dating Scene Magazine.
Searching for the best online dating service? Looking for special features? It’s no problem, with our easy to use features index.

How To Choose The Best Dating Personals For Your Needs.
Where is the dating personals service based? How long has it been in business? What’s its membership? What are its search options?

Web Survey Names The Most Popular Dating Services
We became members of each one to find out what makes them the most popular dating services.

Looking For A Certain Kind Of Online Matchmaking Service?
Save time with our easy to compare matchmaking service profiles. Find the kind of matchmaking service you want, quickly and easily.

Looking For American Dating Services?
Compare American dating services easily with our quick and simple to use index. Our index of American dating services includes features and pricing on each.

Looking For Singles Only Dating Services?
Compare singles only dating services easily with our quick and simple to use index. Our index of singles dating services includes features and pricing on each.

Looking For The Very Best 100% Free Dating Services?
Compare 100% free dating services easily with our quick and simple to use index. Our index of 100% free dating services includes features and pricing on each.

Looking For Clean Dating Services?
Compare clean dating services easily with our quick and simple to use index. Our index of clean dating services includes features and pricing on each.

Why Are These Such Popular Dating Services?
Our index of popular dating services includes information on features and pricing. Find out all about popular dating services easily with our simple to use index.

Only The Very Best Dating Services Receive Our Highest Recommendations.
Find out all about the very best dating services easily with our simple to use index. Our index of the best dating services includes information on features and pricing.

Looking For Canadian Dating Services?
Compare Canadian dating services easily with our quick and simple to use index. Our index of Canadian dating services includes features and pricing on each.

Looking For Photo Personals Dating Services?
Compare photo personals dating services easily with our quick and simple to use index. Our index of online personals dating services includes features and pricing on each.

Looking For Live Web Cam Dating Services?
Compare web cam dating services easily with our quick and simple to use index. Our index of web cam dating services includes features and pricing on each.

Looking For Mobile Phone Dating Services?
Compare mobile phone dating services easily with our quick and simple to use index. Our index of mobile phone dating services includes features and pricing on each.

Looking For Hetero Only Dating Services?
Compare hetero only dating services easily with our quick and simple to use index. Our index of hetero dating services includes features and pricing on each.

Looking For International Dating Services?
Compare international dating services easily with our quick and simple to use index. Our index of international dating services includes features and pricing on each.

Dating Scene Magazine’s Add Your Url Dating Service Application.
If you’d like to add your url, here’s how to apply for a dating service listing.

Dating Scene’s Online Dating Resource Directory.
Our dating resource directory lets you find what you want fast. We list only the highest quality sites in our dating resource directory.

Choose Chat Rooms From Our Exciting Variety.
There are chatrooms to please just about anyone. Some are free and offer video, web cam with full audio and adult private chat rooms.

Try A Free Virtual Makeover For The Fun Of It!
Check out our selections of virtual makeover sites. Just upload a photo of yourself to use for the virtual makeover and experiment with hair color, styles, even cosmetic effects.

Are You Hot Or Not? Sexy Body Contests, Hot Girl and Hot Guys Picture Rating!
Enter your photo into a hot or not body contest, or rate other hot sexy women and men. Find out just how hot or not your man or woman is at our best picture rating sites.

Crisis Intervention Resources; How to Save Your Own Life, Or Someone Else’s.
Information on where to go and what to do for specific crisis intervention. These resources are for any abuse and threat to life crisis intervention, applicable to all ages and relationships.

World-wide Black Dating Sites and African American Dating Services.
Black dating sites where people meet from around the world. Or meet someone from your old neighborhood at an African American dating service.

Great Dating Destinations: Adventure Travel
Our Adventure Travel opens the door to edge of your seat thrills and contact with unique cultures around the world. Singles and couples can take adventure travel tours that may expand their perc

Simple Background Reports Can Save You A Lot Of Grief.
Background reports can help protect you from fakes on dating websites. You can get instant background reports and also filtering and blocking software.

A Unique Gift Idea Guide for Singles and Couples
A Gift idea guide for every unique personality and interest. From the romantic to the thoughtfully sensitive, to the perfect surprise, this gift idea guide is a collection from the best merchants, and

Romantic Gifts for Lovers
Romantic gifts for lovers; well the season of romance is here, so in response, we’ve put together a curiously unique and sensually pleasing collection of truly romantic gifts for lovers.

Sports Gifts For Sports Fans And For Active Participants In Sports.
This year choose a sports gift and make someone very happy. Buy them their favorite gear,sportswear,tickets to a game, or surprise them with a sports gifts card.

Could Plastic Surgery Provide An Answer For You?
Plastic surgery is a valuable tool to help normalize our lives. From the removal of disfiguring birthmarks to the correction of cleft lips and palates, plastic surgery can improve the quality of life.

Great Gifts For Sports Lovers That Fit Every Budget.
We have gifts for sports lovers in a range of prices to fit any budget. From a subscription to speciality sports magazines, to sports gear they dream about, it’s all here at Gifts For Sports Lovers.

Explore The Wonderful Variety Of Luxury Vacations In The World.
We have a variety of luxury vacations to soothe and revitalize you. City or country, cool or tropical, from the most exotic luxury vacation resorts in 24 hour party towns, to the most quiet retreats.

Find The Perfect Gifts For Music Lovers Of All Kinds Right Here.
Our Index of Gifts For Music Lovers ranges from concert tickets, to musical instruments. Gifts for Music Lovers also includes sheet music, and free mp3 download sites, and sound systems.

We Have Elegant Gifts For Valentine’s Day.
Beautifully crafted gifts for jewelry lovers; men and women. Engagement rings and heart pendants,wedding rings and watches. Original creations to make perfect Valentine’s gifts for jewelry lovers.

Search our Adventure Travel Index for Where To Go and How to Get there
Our Adventure Travel Index has cool places to go and the thriftiest way to get there. Our Adventure Travel Index is designed to help sort out the details.

Our Wines And Delicacies Complement Each Other’s Flavors.
Spoil yourselves with our wines and delicacies. Not sure which to choose? We can have wines custom boxed and a wide choice of gourmet treats, here at our Wines and Delicacies Index.

Our Gifts For Computer Lovers Includes Hardware And Software.
We’ve got loads of gifts for computer lovers. Whether they prefer PC’s or Apple our little niche of gifts for computer lovers has probably got it all.

Our Luxury Apparel Index Includes The Latest From Collections Of Top Designers.
It’s comfort and beauty first with our Luxury Apparel Index . Look your sexiest when you go clubbing, or when you find yourself alone with your love; our Luxury Apparel Index has the look you crave.

What Is Your Full Personal Potential? Why Not Find Out?
What is your full personal potential? To give loving relationships requires you to discover your full personal potential.

Finding Freedom from Depression And Anxiety
Each of us is subject to depression and anxiety from ourselves and from others. What power do we have over depression and anxiety?

Attraction’s Great, But Who Do You Want To Attract?
What kind of person; who do you want to attract? Unresolved problems create hellish dependencies, so it’s not lightly asked; who do you want to attract?

Our Life Coaching Resources Can Help Boost Your Success In Relationships.
You can change your life. Our life coaching resources are some of the best on the planet. Life coaching resources that some of the world’s most successful people have been wise enough to listen to.

Diamonds, Diamonds, Diamonds.
Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds.Blue diamonds,pink panther diamonds; loose diamonds,engagement rings,earrings. For a gift, you can’t go wrong.

1 Chat Avenue has Free Chat Rooms for Adults, Teens, Singles, and More.
1 Chat Avenue has free dating chat, gay chat, meet singles chat, and find love chat. You will also find free sports chat, video games chat, and music chat at 1 Chat Avenue.

Success Can Be Lonely. Let MillionaireMatch Bring You Romance.
Let MillionaireMatch bring romance into your life. With MillionaireMatch’s help you can add to your joy by sharing the best of life with someone special.

Perfect Match Is An Excellent Matchmaking Service And A Great Community.
Perfect Match specializes in compatiblity testing. Perfectmatch is the fastest growing service for dating and long term relationships.

At Home Or Overseas, AmericanSingles Can Help Find You A Special Somebody!
At AmericanSingles, enjoy web cam chat and advanced search options. AmericanSingles offers dating, long term relationships and intimate encounters.

Black Planet has Real Time Chat and Custom Chat Rooms.
Black Planet has a warm, fun atmosphere for socializing, with loads of live chat options. Special customizable features make Black Planet chat rooms easy to use and attractive.

Title Black Singles Photo Personals has Live Chat, and Advanced Search for Ma
Black Singles offers photo personals and matchmaking. For finding a special friend or a lasting relationship, is a high quality personals service.

BookofMatches Is 100% Free Fun!
Loaded with features, BookofMatches is more than a dating site. From personals blogs to scrapbooking, share your creativity at

At Chatwire, There’s A Private Viewing Only Option For Your Profile Photo.
Concerned about privacy? Chatwire gives you options that protect your privacy. Plus Chatwire offers a variety of chat rooms, video dating and two way matching.

Chemistry’s Specialty Is Precision Personality Matchmaking.
Chemistry has an interesting matchmaking system. Its questionaire is designed to determine by signature characteristics your brain’s chemistry.

Cupid Junction Will Give You Something Fun To Look Forward To Every Day.
With Cupid Junction, new matches will arrive by email every day. So no matter what kind of day you have, Cupid Junction puts a little fun in it. Singles Are Educated Professionals Seeking Healthy Relationships.
2 million singles strong, offers straights and gays webcam chat, mobile phone dating and offline events partners. One of our Top Recommends.

DatingDirect Has Over 3 Million Singles To Choose From!
DatingDirect is the UK’s largest dating service. DatingDirect lets you search for the kind of relationship you prefer.

Dreammates Offers Match Dating And Photo Personals.
Dreammates keeps online dating simple. Canadian based, Dreammates is a basic, easy to use dating personals service.

Eharmony is America’s #1 Most Trusted Relationship Dating Service.
eHarmony match dating service compares 29 dimensions for its matchmaking. eHarmony’s relationship coaching guides you through the first meeting.

FriendFinder Has Free Photo Personals and Free Chat Rooms.
FriendFinder offers singles a free photo personals plan. FriendFinder is loaded with fun features, including blogs, chat rooms and a free relationship workshop.

At Great Dating, Find Photo Personals And Match Dating.
Great Dating offers photo personals and match dating. For casual dating, intimate encounters or a lasting relationship, try Great Dating.

Great Expectations; The Most Personally Tailored Matchmaking Service Online.
The Great Expectations team meets with each member face to face. For singles only, Great Expectations issues exclusive invitations to events.

At HotorNot , Rate Hot Girls and Hot Guys. Free Photo Rating.
HotorNot dating service has free photo rating personals; get up to 3 photo ratings free. Find out for free if you’re HotorNot.

Jumpdates Has 100% Free Instant Messaging.
Jumpdates is a 100% free dating service.’s features include free anonymous messaging and free matchmaking.

Lavalife Has Phone Dating And No Monthly Subscription Fees.
Lavalife is one of the most popular online dating services. It provides 3 choices; Dating, Relationships, Or Intimate Encounters.

Survey Names the #1 Popular Choice For Dating Services was chosen by 39 out of the 54 reviews; more than any other dating service. Its membership of roughly 15 million singles proves its great appeal.

Matchdoctor Has Free Email, Free Matchmaking, Free Blogs And Forums.
Matchdoctor has many free features such as blogs and forums. For as low as $5.99 a month, get Matchdoctor’s best service.

PlentyofFish Has Rate Picture And 100% Free Photo Personals.
PlentyofFish offers free instant messaging and free emails.

Quest Personals Offers Video Dating Introductions.
Quest Personals features webcam chat and video messaging.You can also record a video greeting as part of your Quest Personals profile.

Has RateMyBody Really Got Hot Girls and Hot Guys?
Cast your vote where it really counts, at RateMyBody.Or post your own photo to see how your body rates. Free chat rooms.

At Singleme, Post Up To 3 Photos Free.
Singleme offers photo personals and matchmaking. Whether you’re seeking casual dating or a long term relationship, Singleme has it.

True Offers Compatibility Tests And Background Checks.
True is designed for singles only. It performs background checks to

At U-Singles, Find Photo Personals And Matchmaking.
U-Singles offers photo personals and matchmaking. For casual dating, intimate encounters or a lasting relationship, try U-Singles.

With Udate, You Control Who Looks At Your Profile.
At Udate only members of your preference ever get to see your profile. Members can link up through Udate’s smooth and simple matching process.

Looking For Video Dating Or Mobile Dating? Webdate Personals Has Both.
Webdate has state of the art features and 5 million members to choose from. Webdate has all you need for a great online personals service.

Have You Checked Out Yahoo!Personals Lately?
Yahoo!Personals. Whether its a casual encounter or quality matchmaking Yahoo!Personals have got what you are looking for.

Find Outdoor Outfitters With Gear For Every Environment
Outdoor outfitters has everything from mountain survival to skindiving equipment. All you could possibly need from dependable outdoor outfitters specialists.

Adding A Daily Work out Plan Can Be Energizing.
Taking exercise in a work out plan approved by your health practitioner, may do more than help your muscle tone. A work out regimen may help your mind operate more efficiently.

With These Helpful Resources, You Can Improve Your Life.
Ways and means you can use to improve your life. Removing stumbling blocks to living a life of success and pleasure.

We’ve Chosen The Best Health And Body Building Nutrients.
A collection of popular health and body building nutrients and blends in shakes, beverages and bars. Plus some health supplements for those of us who prefer nutrient replacement therapy.

Free Games To Play, and The Best New PC Games for Purchasing.
Free games to play online. Take a break. Have some fun. Refresh and relax with some online play time. Find some free games to play. And check out great deals for PC games you can play unlimited

Focus On Men Asks The Experts About The Latest Lifestyle Trends.
Focus On Men is going to ask what we should expect for trends in men’s grooming and fashion for 2007. From the latest in skin care to outerwear, we’ll find out what’s hot, and what’s not.

Some Of Our Gifts For Photography Lovers Are Unusual.
Gifts for photography lovers? What comes to mind first? Cameras and equipment, right? But the best gifts for photography lovers may be places to take pictures.

Gifts For Chocolate Lovers. Gourmet Chocolate Dreams.
We searched to find the best Gifts for Chocolate Lovers in the world. Taste will tell, and these truffles, cremes, and melt in your mouth dark delights have such a lot of sweet things to say.

How To Grow Healthy
A Lesson From The Trees About How To Grow Healthy. You might think it would be more than a little, shallow for a couple to get together over a hobby.

With Our List Of Single Parents Dating Sites Will Get You Connected Fast.
Through Single Parents Dating Sites, you could find a new friend or someone you’d like to date that lives near you, or correspond with an interesting single parent living halfway around the world.

Valentines Day Gifts For Every Price Range and Fast Delivery
Perfect Valentines Day Gifts. Chocolates, roses, jewelry in all price ranges. Same day or special delivery .

Have You Tried Our New Single Parents Dating Index?
Meet single parents for chat, friendship, dating or a long term relationship. Our Single Parents Dating Index has one purpose; to find you a responsible good hearted person to socialize with.

Outdoor Outfitters Index.Camping,Off Roading.You Name It.
Prepare yourself with the very best. Our Outdoor Outfitters Index covers just about anything you could need for roughing it in style.

Make Your Best Better With Our Health And Body Building Nutrient Index.
For help with weight loss or gain, muscle mass building, and joint flexibility, we have compiled this Health And Body Building Nutrient Index of supplements that you can buy online.

Video Game Lovers We’ve Got The Latest Gear And Latest Releases .
If you are a video game lover, you can rent or buy the latest best video games here. We have all your favorites including the latest releases, plus the classics for you true blue video game lovers.

The Digital Camera Revolution Comes Home.
The digital camera revolution is giving all of us a chance to get that perfect shot. How the change from film to electronic image storage has effected the quality and versatility of photographic art.

How To Make Your Bedroom Sensually Inviting
Wondering how to make your bedroom sensually inviting? We can show you some quick fixes that will make it a love retreat that is its own private world.

Gay Dating Services and Gay Personals designed by the leading dating services.
Some of these gay dating and gay personals services were created by the top dating services. Their gay dating services should maintain the same high quality as their mainstream services.

Asian Dating and Asian Personals for Where You Are Currently Living.
Find matchmaking through Asian Dating sites for the region in which you are residing. Also find matches through Asian Dating sites and Asian Personals for your religion and language preference.

Online Latin Dating Services With Latin Chat
Find friends to chat with at these Latin Dating services. Perhaps

Are You Ready For A Tropical Vacation?
Are you ready for a tropical vacation to revive your spirit? Or are you joyfully anticipating the next round of flu to catch you? Take a tropical vacation to build up your immunity.

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